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  1. Can' you be more civil descrbing my commenting as pissy? Isn't that an adequate response to you childish comparison of yourself to B.Gates & S.Jobs? Can' you be more responsible recommending scam filehost? Can' you be more careful posting vague explanation? So please, don't bother so much about me & and my civil manners, and concentrate on the subject of your posting next time, so I won't waste my time reading obscure tips and trying dead links. I didn't compare myself to Mother Teresa, did I? So you can focus on torrent setting, I guess, mr. Steven Jobs Junior. Because of so promising title and dim content of your posting I looked for other links and downloaded way too many files from there: And it all worked from the first time. I just couldn't believe that all this can only change one stupid ugly design to another dumb and ugly. Can you compare two of them and old one, instead of comparing your ass to Steven Jobs? See the difference mr. Dolce & Gabbana? How people can be so retarded, OMG! But they can. That's why they can't see the sarcasm. See the difference between that and being "pissy", mr. Benjamin Spock Junior?
  2. You are definitely not. You aren't smart at all. Where are your pictures, mr Bill Gates Junior? And thats what your dumb hostfile says: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /files/2006/12/20/534119/uTorrent/Old_Graph_Style_in_uTorrent_3.btskin on this server. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at Port 80 I did exactly as you tried to explain but nothing happened: Some people can't explain something simply enough without a visualization and without using PowerPoint.