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  1. Now a days uTorrent is getting worst.Stable does not mean it is really stable.If you don't believe then try uTorrent 3.4.2 stable :)

  2. They are masters in changing icons and Gui. but they could not even implement the update feature successfully.Everyday you have to see the utorrent downloads page for new version of uTorrent.Totally sucks. :mad:
  3. beasly filedropper is not working please post another link.
  4. please share the link of beta version of 3.4 build 30457.I am not able to get it. :(
  5. Is this feature of normal torrents or bundle torrents.if it is for bundle torrents only then it is useless features
  6. uTorrent 3.4 Beta 30390 is available get it now http://tinyurl.com/oy2j9gd
  7. same problem with me in every version of 3.4.Sometimes when the torrent is in queue seed state then stop button does not work in queue seed state.Even you will click stop button multiple times.I think bad coding is going on in this version.
  8. What happened to this reasonable change?... http://thumbnails107.imagebam.com/29001/c099be290001926.jpg +1 no change in play button
  9. uTorrent 3.4 beta 30331 high cpu usage 29% which has never happened before.maximum cpu usage was taken by utorrent 4 to 7% till 3.3.2.this sucks
  10. when we can expect new features from uTorrent. After silent auto updates no new feature has been implemented. uTorrent has its own idea bank which seems like useless now a days. lots of idea is posted by people.Some ideas had been posted in 2009 or 2010. Still pending. Now a days uTorrent bugs seems like new feature. Ryrynz was right.dont expect too much from these people. True development has been stopped by uTorrent developers.Now all attention has moved to $$$.
  11. uTorrent 3.4 Beta 30304 Original design of Stop button is back. thanks a lot devs.
  12. You are right.start button is also not upto the mark.start button in utorrent 3.3.2 is better.
  13. pause button or stop button.it would have been better. if they had not removed the pause button.I used to use the pause button. when it was present in utorrent.
  14. button looks like pause and works like a stop does not make sense.They should change the pause design into stop button design.
  15. High cpu usage as compared to stable Bad icon in tray
  16. It's been over a year and they are definitely not standing by their word. I guess they told us what we wanted to hear...In fact they said no new features and guess what....More new features!.....It's all about the almighty $$$ http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=123284&p=1 How can we expect new features based on our requirements,If the goal of this company to earn money.I know revenue is good thing.But everything is for money rather than user requirements is not good. We have seen there was no Changelog in the previous versions of utorrent 3.4.Because they have been working on bundle torrents for past 5 months.They have told us.utorrent 3.4 would have updatable torrents feature in future.Seems like They were telling a lie about updatable torrents feature.Main focus of utorrent 3.4 to implement bundle torrents.This bundle torrents feature will go upto stable version which is totally useless feature for us.We dont want this useless feature. In other words uTorrent loses its shine day by day.
  17. More Info for Bundle Torrent 1.http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/123613-bittorrent-bundle-could-stop-torrent-being-such-a-dirty-word 2.http://thenextweb.com/media/2013/09/11/bittorrent-to-launch-bundle-for-publishers-on-september-24-let-creators-distribute-their-own-content/ 3.http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/permalink/2013/20130911bittorrentbundle Seems like 2nd method of generate revenue from bundle torrents after adds.
  18. gated bundle torrent useless
  19. BMW-X7


    Why you posted.I know many other Bittorrent clients are using this.Most of the discussion has done about this geoip-location.they are not going to be implement.Better to Uncheck the Resolve ips option in Peer tab.
  20. same here.Rollback to stable
  21. strange if no fixes.what's the purpose of update the build number µTorrent alpha (3.4 build 30039) f2 rename bug still exists.they have been constantly updating build number for 20 days. But no change and no bug fixed.Seems like developer went for holidays.We cannot even say they will have fixed even minor bug.Simply update the build number from 3 days. 14 August build 30022 No change 15 August build 30027 No change 16 August build 30039 No Change Why they would write changelog if they did not even fix minor bug. Look at the picture below. Picture is showing us.F2 rename bug was exist in 29972 Build.But this bug still exist in µTorrent alpha (3.4 build 30039).
  22. Actively updating the amount of bugs they're tracking more like. Cool, if everyone hasn't lost interest waiting for a year sure, we can look at the changes.. Shouldn't take long. +1.
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