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  1. I'd love to help. I can test it on my Treo's Blazer browser as well as on a PocketPC's version of IE. (And can also do it on IE/Firefox on Windows and Firefox and the KDE browser on Linux.) Would be willing to download Opera if you need more of that too.
  2. Or, perhaps it isn't a bad sign; luude is showing them the light. If a former anti-p2p group embraces p2p, it does more to help the p2p lobby than anything else.
  3. "- Change: Relevance rounds up instead of down." What does it mean by relevance, what is being 'relevanted'? (Nothing about relevance is in the FAQ.)
  4. The voting requests page should be more clear about this feature. I voted no and then went to the thread to see why anyone would want the feature. Now that I know what it is, I think it's great. Hybridizing would be quite amazing, especially if we still 1:1 ratio'd. With things like OpenOffice, I can actually download faster from the FTP site than the torrent, but if they were contributing to the torrent, I'd definantly go that way for my downloads. It's a best of both worlds implementation. Also, this would help push BitTorrent as legitimate rather than just for pirates, as it fits with Cohen's original intention of saving bandwidth on servers for legal downloads. ABC supports it because ABC is an alternate GUI for Shadow's Client (since Shadow's is open soruce). ABC tends to only be updated when Shadow's is.