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  1. I switched to uTorrent 2.0.4 Build 22967 hells yeah ! @rafi your v2.2.1 >download< is no good, gives me v 3.1 build 26671 me out
  2. @rafi here's the latest development I've been working with the hdd so utorrent couldn't readily write all pieces to it, so it had to increase cache, but my limit to cache was this time set to 900MB, but at the time i noticed utorrent frozen, it's screen showed 1.65GB of 900MB therefore there's a bug here I'd say, where it passes the imposed limit. Maybe this was what was fixed in 3.1.1 ? (but we're using 3.1 here as first post says) utorrent's gui is still "(Not Responding)" (as Windows appended to its title) but it is still working because i see it in bandwidthmonitor, but as you see the screenie there was a period when download was completely turned off (probably when it started to become unresponsive) but the utorrent gui is still unresponsive since: vertical bars are delimiting 1minute intervals --- and this is how it looks when it's in this non-responding state (except now since I clicked it, windows made it a little whiter and it's still like that since - which means it didn't become responsive not even once since the whiteness, if u know what u mean) ---- And this was a taskmanager screenie at the time when I was still using the hdd (so utorrent couldn't yet fully flush write cache): ----- And this was when the only one using hdd was utorrent (so it flushed most of it - probably has read cache now I'd think - esp. since u said read+write caches equal the limit I set at "override" which makes sense to me thx): now it's at 435MB btw (that's why I assume it's increased due to read cache increasing) Anyway, point is: write cache goes past the limit that I set at "override" (and when override isn't set, it still goes past that 32MB limit which seems to be set, in which case means in my previous post the "override" part has meaning "1" ... just that this bug was tricking us? ) EDIT: also the obviousness from this is, that the gui becomes unresponsive when utorrent memory usage peak reaches that 1,985,096K (2gig limit for 32bit processes?) probably due to some memory alloc not being fulfilled I'd venture I am currently still with non-responsive gui, but torrent is downloading fine (as seen in the bandwidth monitoring, yes even uploading, just that they don't leech much :/ )
  3. By the way, if I Override cache size to 700MB, I also get the read cache size limit increased to like 221MB well seems it varies, but the disk write one is 700MB. So I guess then, they are both now going to be limited to 700MB eventually. But with Override disabled, you see in a previous screenie the read cache was limited to 1MB, and the write cache was well seen as limited to 32MB but you've convinced me that it's in fact unlimited. So at the very least, there was something odd with read cache being 1MB, when "override" option was unticked. Cause you'd assume they'd both be unlimited then ? but only one of them was (the write cache)
  4. Before even posting this, I eventually realized what you meant and I've set cache limit to 700MB. But there should be some safeguarding so utorrent doesn't run out of memory with automatic cache size and thus causing it to become unresponsive (deduced) ------ i leave the following as is: Not sure what you mean, but if I untick "override automatic cache size and specify the size manually (MB):" doesn't that means it uses it's own hardcoded size of 32MB ? at least that's what I see in the cache picture where it's 942MB of 32MB - otherwise it's counterintuitive but then you're right, it then means it has no limit (but that would be a bit odd cause it would run out of memory at 2gig? since it's 32bit program which then it might explain my freeze lol, but it also means the "Override" option is not self explanatory) Hmm, i see 2 meanings for "Override automatic cache size" = 1. override the size (of cache) which is one time chosen automatically (ie. 32MB, or when ticked, it's however much user specifies) and then stays fixed, doesn't vary; 2. override the size(of cache) which is automatically chosen every x seconds (let's say) which means it will vary in time depending on needs, but then the view of cache (see in screenies) where it says (942MB )"of 32MB" should perhaps be fixed then to not show 32MB but rather the same number (942MB of 942MB) perhaps. So this way, you're saying it has the 2nd meaning, whilst I was hoping it has the first meaning. Anyway about the pieces, they do seem to disappear from the Pieces tab but only after a few minutes (after already completed), so i guess that part is fine. I don't understand what you mean by "and want someone to "understand" it has to throttle the 10MBps data flow to adjust for your slower HD? " it doesn't seem related to anything spoken before. I mean sure my hdd is slower, but what's that got to do with anything cause it doesn't seem to be keeping those pieces in cache until it can flush them (even though the hdd led is almost full time on)? especially since it seems to work fine, download is constantly at max inet speed (like i dno 5.8MiB/sec, 50mbps) it doesn't go down (as if to have to wait for hdd to flush)... hmm now unless, above "override" has meaning 2, which means it will increase cache until utorrent freezes (cause there's 2gig limit and can't alloc more ram <- point where it freezes perhaps) in which case i see what you mean I'll try override to 700MB then, but last time i disabled it, it was because it would crash/freeze after a while (like I've described) EDIT: PS: I'm out now, thank you @rafi for the eye opener !
  5. Hey guys I'm back, I took a nap. Utorrent was running the whole time, didn't freeze (yet), but I screenshoted the stats as they are at this time, I noticed something somewhat odd on the Write cache it says 942 MB of 32 MB, anyway these were the settings before utorrent started (and after xD) (also the part file is set to false as rafi suggested in a prev. post) cache 1 sec resolution: cache 5min resolution(taken after the above): taskmanager look: I didn't post them as imgs to keep the thread clean, sorta. It didn't freeze yet, but if mem usage in taskmanager reaches something like 1.9gig it will freeze I figure. PS: all above pics as one: EDIT: I also notice there are a bunch of completed pieces which stick around in the Pieces tab, maybe those are filling up the memory eventually causing the freeze ? anyway just a thought, here's a pic:
  6. Help->Send Beta Feedback, is apparently not doing anything, does anyone know what's supposed to be doing ? is it maybe only transparently one-time sending usage statistics ? EDIT: oh sorry, I see that @mupple already reported it on first page EDIT2: I'm thinking of this by @Firon "This version is built off 3.1 instead of 3.1.1. We will re-release 3.1.1 later with a higher version number." And I notice that µTorrent 3.1.1 beta (build 26674) did "Fix: disk caching and hashing issues" thus maybe my "freeze" issue is non existent in that 26674 build and will solve itself when new version is released. Now I'm unaware what they fixed regarding "disk caching" but my guess is that my "freeze" was disk caching related
  7. but, what if it never closes? 15mins passed since (the memory used by it increased to 150mb or so, because I created a dump as rafi said, after 12mins passed) EDIT: guys, after 25min i give up, here's screenie of it before kill (and after that crash dump at minute 12): EDIT2: well that was a fail LOL, rehashing again after startup I guess it will rehash if the torrents were running in download mode (not seeding mode) and it got killed, ttyl in at least 50min EDIT3: btw, in the spirit of being consistent I should prolly state the obvious here: the safest way to shutdown (a working) utorrent is to stop all downloading torrents and then do (ie. File->) Exit, then on startup start them again; else if utorrent doesn't properly exit and u need to kill it, it will rehash all those torrents that were in downloading-state
  8. cool! will do, meanwhile I'm stuck on exiting utorrent... I pressed Exit[EDIT: I mean, right click on systray icon, chose Exit] (at least) 7 mins ago[EDIT: 12mins now], and it's still in taskmanager using constant 6-7% cpu, i'm waiting on it to exit already The systray icon (and taskmanager window) are already gone though. Should i wait more or kill it ? (i want to check if I set the option graceful shutdown, unsure yet, but it's probably off) EDIT: i made dump after 12mins
  9. You might want to try with pref->advanced->diskio.use_partfile = false. Thank you, I have also set that to false now (waiting to restart utorrent soon, rehashing still 85%) Also, there are 3 files in the huge torrent... though I usually download at least 8 gig files (that is, a file is >4GB usually) but there was quite some time since I last downloaded anything... I'll report again when it freezes (if I don't report, then it didn't yet freeze but i'll still report when torrent finishes) EDIT: rehashing took at least 47min
  10. How many pieces are in this huge torrent ? 14995 of 16.0MB (have 2192) - still hashing (66.3%) EDIT: but if you're thinking that's probably an isolated incident and it's the torrent's fault, I can remember a few instances back when this "freeze" would occur and I'd have to kill it, but I let it go then because I didn't have much to download... but it was sometimes last year EDIT2: i think that because I would mostly seed (rather than download) for the last x months, I didn't noticed this "freeze" issue, but I believe it existed since quite some time ago... - now, i may be wrong
  11. Alright thanks, I'll do it as soon as the 234GB torrent finishes rehashing, ... i would not have reported this but the time it takes to rehash this every time after "crash" is sort of unbearable on wdc green
  12. alright, done, disabled both of those (it was at one time windows write cache disabled, but it still crashed then, but disk read was never disabled - though it was mostly downloading ) btw, do I need to restart utorrent ? to take effect ? also note that superfetch is disabled due to me using ssd as primary (does this mean windows caching is also disabled already, system-wide?)
  13. Hey guys, utorrent freezes and becomes non-responsive indefinitely, I can only kill it from taskmanager, I've noticed this about 5 times already (since updated but unsure in which update it was introduced because only lately i've been getting new torrent downloads) but yeah im on 26696 (32bit) on win7 64bit It seems to be related to disk caching, apparently if I disable all options on Options->Preferences->Advanced->Disk cache (litteraly none of those are ticked) then it worked fine for a night, when i came back i turned some on again, like these: (but i also tried before with unticking all from disk read cache except Enable - with same freeze happening) but then, after a while, it became non-responsive but I also noticed it had some 1.9gig memory allocated (in taskmanager) so maybe something related to disk caching leaking memory. This happens after downloading for a while (with 50mbps), but i notice that usually the memory is at a constant 100MB in taskmanager. this is how it looks in taskmanager when it's non-responsive: