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  1. I think this format would potentially be better as most monitors have more horizontal resolution than vertical resolution. Also, why not have a sample line or tool tip for the resulting path... For instance... Choose the path of "D:\movies" to save files in so you have a label box that says "Example Movie Path: D:\movies\Smurfs.2012.mkv" or similar. Alternate option would be that when you move the mouse over each file in the torrent file list, it shows a tooltip pop-up of what the save folder path would be. I must admit, I have not read every post to fully understand all of the issues, but it seems like with all of the mockups that it would be nice to have an example path for clarity. Cyberfix
  2. @ibebad: This has nothing to do with the part files. I have used uTorrent for several years with no issues at all. I decided to update a torrent and when I enabled it, I had the infamous 100% disk write cache problem. Also, my cache was set to 128MB and it would use up 1to 1.6GB before the software would hang or quit responde (i let it sit for hours). It seemed to be with this one torrent with many files. Others have succesfully transferred the same torrent. Anyway, to get my thoughts back on track to the other issue with files being padded when there are a lot of small files. I will paraphrase and copy a post from another site on test that were done. --Start of other post--- A site did extensive testing and they uncovered a flaw in uTorrent's caching system for writes, which can be reproduced. To be precise, the "Disable Windows caching of disk writes" option, which is enabled by default. (at least in older versions) Enabling this option bypasses the Windows caching system for writes. A torrent was downloaded that contains over 6000 small files (not zipped). First they used uTorrent v2.0.2 with default settings. Saved the files in e.g. "d:\myfolder\pics" Using a checksum program, it was verified that some of the files were bad even through the torrent was reported at 100% completed. More investigation uncovered that some of the files are getting padded with extra bytes. This happens to random files after deleting and downloadin the torrent again. ---end of other post--- I hope this clarifies my frustration as it seems like this issue needs some attention.
  3. The file padding issue is a known issue with the developers. This happens frequently on large torrents with hundreds of small files. It usually can be fixed with the recommended setting adjustments, but this does not work for everyone. I think it is tied in with the cache issue and wish they would make all of this IO issues a top priority and put them to rest once and for all. Other message boards have discussed the issue too. From what I have read, it seems like it must be extrememly difficult to fix. Can't you look at what other software does to fix it and base your fix off of the same technique? I am just a long term frustrated user like others that are having issues with newer version of uTorrrent.
  4. I had some renaming issues too, but I thought it was just the behavior of the software. For instance, I might rename a torrent called "trailer" to a torrent called "August Movie Trailers" and that works fine. While battling disk IO issues on one torrent, I noticed that the path on the torrent with an issues was a different case than the other one working. ("W:\downloads\Trailers" worked but "W:\downloads\trailers" was causing disk overload). I know Windows doesn't care about case in the file system, so I thought there might have been some weirdness with my Thecus NAS unit being on a Linux based OS. I went to Advanced on that torrent, reselected the path above and it changed the path to it plus a directory with the name of the torrent (w:\downloads\Trailers\August Movie Trailers\). It did seem like the caching may had been better for that brief moment, but I immediately corrected the directory problem (had to rename torrent temporarily to fix). The paths match now, but the one torrent caused all kinds of grief to get it to finish because of the disk overload. Also, my cache kept going up to 1.6 GB of memory for writing and then the software would hang. It does not always write out the cache for some time (5 to 10 minutes?). Is there any chance this disk overload is a false positive? Why not put a tools section into uTorrent and include a read/write speed tester, so that we can prove to you it is not our external, NAS, or other device with the issue or prove that we have a bad setup? This is just reporting on awkward items that may or may not be a bug. Thanks, cyberfix
  5. I just updated to 3.1 latest build. I've have not been having any problems until I starte up one of the large MAME torrents to refresh my outdated set that is stored on NAS. Their seems to be some issues still and I wonder if NAS has something to do with it. I noticed multiple torrents that after the "Checking" finished, it reset to zero and restarted the torrent. I have not dug into it any more as most of the items seem to be working fine. I just wish the whole cache and disk IO problem would become a priority as it is very annoying for the ones that experience it! Thaniks, cyberfix
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