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  1. Ubuntu 12.04 still downloads fine. While I'm here can I request an updated version. This one is about 10 months old. thanks!
  2. Just want to say that I'm still using this on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I like using it headless so the server only version is perfect. Will there be updates to this since it seems to be falling behind the full version on windows? thanks steve
  3. Unfortunately, at least on readynas, the 10.10 build requires the newer glibc version which is not available. The older debian build does not have this requirement. Any chance of a statically linked glib version. I think the 10.10 version would have worked otherwise. At least ldd looks ok. steve
  4. Debian update? Preferably still using openssl 0.9.8. thanks, steve
  5. Ok, this was not a utorrent problem. The torrent site I was using locked itself down a bit so that when I used the URL to download the file in utorrent it would not work (because via utorrent I was not logged into the site). I was doing this because on the ipad I can't download files, but I set up dropbox and configured utorrent to automatically load from a directory. So now I can just download from the browser and it automatically works. Very nice. Would still like to see this updated to a new version if possible so that it stays up to date :-). steve
  6. Hmm. I use opendns, maybe they started blocking a bunch of new sites or something. It could be the magnet links somehow bypass dns where the .torrent is by getting the ip address through a different means? Is there a way to see the contents of the .utt file the message is complaining about? I guess I can ssh to the nas and try the url using wget. While I was playing around with this, I tried to use the autoload feature to monitor a directory for torrent files. I cannot get that to work at all on this linux build. Just nothing happens when I drop in a file. I set permissions to 777. Then eventually I go into preferences and the directory string is blanked (feature is still enabled). While I've got your attention, any chance on an updated Linux build just so we can stay up to date :-). steve
  7. Aack! I'm suddenly getting "not valid bencoding" for every torrent added through the URL dialog. Every one i try fails wuth this message in the log. Magnet links work though. Is there any fix for this?
  8. This 64 bit has been working great for me. Can we get an update to 3.1 or 3.2? Please continue to use the same version of glibc as my NAS requires that (I can't run the latest 32 bit version as it links with a newer glibc). Or better yet, make it a full static link if you can. I know the file gets bigger, but this avoids a number of problems on Linux that can be difficult to resolve. thanks, steve
  9. Happened again. strace shows this happening over and over. Two cores are 100% this time. steve getegid32() = 0 getegid32() = 0 getegid32() = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable) getegid32() = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable) getegid32() = 0 write(47, ptrace: umoven: Input/output error 0xffffffff, 119456880) = 0 write(47, ptrace: umoven: Input/output error 0xffffffff, 119456880) = 0 write(47, ptrace: umoven: Input/output error 0xffffffff, 119456848) = 0 write(47, ptrace: umoven: Input/output error 0xffffffff, 119456848) = 0
  10. I've found utserver using 100% of a core several times running this build (with nothing downloading or shared). Stopping/starting makes it go away, but this is on may NAS so it's pretty annoying. Anything I can collect to see what the heck it is doing? thanks, steve
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