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    I don't know if anyone cares, but with this tool I was able to solve a problem I was having when I moved all my files and utorrent data, list of torrents etc, from my Windows XP to my new computer with Wndows 7. I don't like to remove my torrents, I just stop them after seeding and let them with 100% and in the finished Status. So that way I have a history of everything i downloaded over the years. Probably a lot of people do that as well. So I wanted to carry all that to my new PC. But as the utorrent loaded everything, a lot of torrents that was stopped 100% green, and in the finished status got the Status red "Error: invalid download state, try resuming". So using this tool, I was able to change them from "Error: invalid download state, try resuming" to "Finished" status. I don't know if it is a permanent thing. hope so. The entry you should change is the key "Started", value from "3" to "0". (You can use Seach Value by key: started key: 3) It's a shame that we can't search them all and replace them (maybe in the notepad, but I don't know if that will work, I'll try it later since I got more than 300 torrents I need to change that... probably won't do it for all of them) Thanks for the tool really useful. Edit: Yep, I manage to replace all of them with Unicode notepad++. Just open the "resume.dat" file and search all of the "startedi3" and replace them to "startedi0".