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    Hello, I'm having trouble with the format of the JSON returned... http://www.utorrent.com/community/developers/webapi says: { "build": BUILD NUMBER (integer), "label": [ [ LABEL (string), TORRENTS IN LABEL (integer) ], ... ], "torrents": [ [ HASH (string), STATUS* (integer), NAME (string), SIZE (integer in bytes), PERCENT PROGRESS (integer in per mils), DOWNLOADED (integer in bytes), UPLOADED (integer in bytes), RATIO (integer in per mils), UPLOAD SPEED (integer in bytes per second), DOWNLOAD SPEED (integer in bytes per second), ETA (integer in seconds), LABEL (string), PEERS CONNECTED (integer), PEERS IN SWARM (integer), SEEDS CONNECTED (integer), SEEDS IN SWARM (integer), AVAILABILITY (integer in 1/65535ths), TORRENT QUEUE ORDER (integer), REMAINING (integer in bytes) ], ... ], "torrentc": CACHE ID** (string integer) } However upon inspecting the returned JSON the torrent array ("torrents") actually has more elements which include path of files among other things..? Is this meant to be like this? Is there a more specific format guide (rather than above)? Thanks.
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