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  1. Oh, I see, so it's just half a year without any updates. I guess that makes it perfectly fine then... "As frequently as you would like?" - that has to be the euphemism of the day. I'm sorry, I stop being unnecessarily snarky. How about a serious answer whether we can look forward to an updated server version in the next six months - or should we look for alternatives?
  2. The really bad thing is, that right in this thread even Moderators kept confirming that development is still going on. But this is increasingly implausible. I would even go so far as to say it's dishonest to keep promising new versions for the community, when clearly uTorrent for Linux doesn't seem to be a priority and/or under active development. A year without any news or any new release is a joke (meanwhile competitors keep churning out multiple new releases), and there won't be any new releases anytime soon - that's what my gut feeling tells me. What a mess...