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  1. i downloaded and installed utorrent authentication proxy i have put the following values: server : my server ip port : 6882(webui running on 6881..but instructions are saying to put 6882) its stuck on loading on for a long time then i get the error:check ip address and port
  2. I am using 1.7 version before i was using 1.6 in that i was getting server not found error and that time too u was able to use it through phone browser i have just tried both versions today only
  3. I am getting always the same error "make sure username and password are correct..invalid authentication..token:null" i am using nokia n8 i am able to login through phone browser using following methods: 1) through wifi using local ip and (both working) 2) using gprs with but i always get the error in utorrent mobile application can any one help please and i am sure my user name is correct coz its working in phone browser.please help