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  1. Best ever. Thanks, you all know who you are.
  2. For some weird reasons, I can't get my 425 version to upload higher than 30KB. I have a 2 MB line.
  3. Hehehe. Just saw it. Some of you are claivoiyant. Thanks Ultima. Just dled.
  4. Okay okay, I admit defeat. Where can I find this 424.
  5. I am impressed. You have 424 and we only have 422. Hehehe
  6. Firon, The language pack also points to an invalid location at the download page.
  7. I was just curious as to why, my wifi laptop return me the Network Ok but the UPnP gives me the UpnP (XXXX ) OK. I have been googling the whole night on this issue. I suspect it has to do with the wifi part.
  8. I have a desktop and a laptop. Both I have configued and forwarded the ports. Both are also allocated a fix ip in my internal WAN. Laptop is wireless and desktop is via network cable. The utorrent at the laptop returns a network ok but the desktop return the UPnP value where the network Ok is supposed to be. Firon, why is that so? Thanks. BTW, I keep getting DHT not allowed with my torrents in my laptop.
  9. Best client and the size is unbelievable. Kudos to Ludde and team
  10. Firon, at the boss key in the options, there is the big word 'none'. How do I activate the boss key? Thanks. No sweat, Firon. Found out why. Sorry for the idiotic question. Great Build anyway. I love it.