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  1. Thank You Guys, Like I said I'm new here and new to the torrent world also and there is alot that I don't know about so all this talk about sort and everything,I have no idea what you are talking about so after I got my downloads all situated and burned I uninstalled the uToorrent 3.1 that I had and re-installed the newest version (I Hope lol) and I'm so far not having the same issues maybe it was a download or an update from windows that set it off like that I'm not sure but when you guys started discussing about all the stuff that you've mentioned I had no idea what you were talking about. anyway I joined so that I can learn what your talking about and lets say that this time I believe I took the easy way out.lol so thank all who advised foe there time and effort please close this post.
  2. I'm new here at utorrent and I'm running the 3.1 build 26650 32 bit on a 64bit computer is there a 64 bit uTorrent because right now on the utorrent page I have open all the torrents that I have downloaded are switching places with each other, I have to literally catch the one that I want to open. Please if there is a 64bit utorrent please send me the link because this is getting crazy. I got this one when I got a update from 3.0. If there is no 64bit version then can someone please tell me how to stop the program from jumping like it's doing.
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