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  1. He is entitled to his version of vision and his copy of work. Once it enters my machine' date=' all bets are off.[/quote'] Your machine? Suddenly the rules are made by the likes of you? And aren't you generous - "Write an app, give it to us, dismissed". Again, you try to force your views on Ludde in a Bolshevik way... Fortunately, he has the option of not giving you a single line of code, if he feels like it. Go hack utorrent in an act of protest or go use some open source client, maybe even that aforementioned version of Azureus that relieves the working masses from the cruel and unneccesary burden of uploading.
  2. What is this, some kind of new socialist revolution? So Ludde doesn't have a right to his vision and his work? Open source, closed source, doesn't matter, it just would be nice to allow the creator some fundamental rights, you know. There were people who used slightly similar arguments and forced their views on others in a similar fashion. They were the Bolsheviks.
  3. Sigh, yes. I thought i had utorrent site allowed for scripts. Stupid me. No, wait - stupid open source firefox extensions!
  4. I get 404. Damn open source firefox
  5. Hmm, it is good this thread is still here, people can come and read the various opinions and more or less official statements. Maybe even sticky this thread for a while? Or link it from www.utorrent.com, as that notice link doesn't seem to work... Fix that link or remove it, it looks bad when it is not working like that...
  6. What a mess. It is funny to see much of the p2p community behave like paranoid teenagers. Hm, maybe because they ARE paranoid teenagers. One cannot say for certain whether Ludde turned eeevil or not. I don't believe, it, really, and don't care much unless something eeevil appears in utorrent. And if it ever does, we will all know it almost instantly, so why such panic. I don't care if the user base gets smaller because of it, as, as i understand it, Ludde makes this client for fun and a sense of accomplishement. Therefore, even if i am just one of the few who use it, I won't care, as it is great client that is really friendly to my old hardware. I just worry that this ridiculous witch hunt might discourage Ludde from further developement of utorrent. Keep up the good work Ludde, what you have done so far is amazing!