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  1. Label showing 3, but only 2 torrents listed on the right: Screenshot:
  2. One other thing I've noticed... the labels showing the number of torrents is still not functioning 100%. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. At the current moment it's showing the correct number, so I can't do a screenshot, but next time it happens I'll take one.
  3. Yeah' date=' #2 on my "known issues" list too... [url'] Can you check if working without TCP resolves this (Pref.Advanced->bt.transp_disposition = 26) ? I reset it to the default number, which is 31, and it fixed it it seems. No more high CPU usage. I'm not sure what I had it set to now though. I think it might have been in the low 20's. Not even sure what this setting does, or why it wasn't set to the default number.
  4. Very high CPU usage on RC4. Windows 8 64 bit. My processor fan won't shut up.
  5. Yes please make this window smaller. It's just awful looking. A bunch of grey space. I want to be able to select the files without it filling up my entire screen.
  6. Is it possible we can have the old labeling back? Or has this already been implemented? The kind where you could have have a torrent in only one label at a time? See here for more of what I mean:
  7. I looked at the log screen. I'm not sure if this is a problem with just this version of uTorrent, or if it's a general problem on my end. I saw the following in the log screen: [2012-10-02 21:17:51] File not found during integrity check: C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\remote-devpair.dat [2012-10-02 21:17:51] File not found during integrity check: C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\ [2012-10-02 21:17:51] File not found during integrity check: C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\remote-devpair.dat.old
  8. My CPU usage is in the 20's. Hanging when exiting is not a HUGE deal. That one I can deal with. I do not have DHT enabled. My internet is 20 mbps down. 1 up. I do not allow uTorrent to use the full amount. I have it set to 1500K.
  9. This client just continues it's trend of becoming an awful torrent client. Really disappointing. High CPU usage. Hangs when exiting. Tons of data being uploaded and downloaded, despite no active torrents. My internet becoming much slower for browsing when uTorrent is running. These are just a few things since 3.0. I really hope things will change and go back to being an excellent client. I also hate that any time I try to get help with issues on this forum, I get some moderator with an attitude. Really not helping my impressions either.
  10. I understand your response. And I understand that would be the default response. However, that seems to be for speed issues in utorrent itself. I don't have speed issues in the software. Ever since installing my internet is just crap. I literally close utorrent, and my internet works perfectly and fast as supposed to.
  11. Utorrent 3.0 makes my internet useless. I can barely browse the internet. If pages do load, they are as fast as dial up speeds.
  12. 144 mb of communications in 2 hours?!?! That's ridiculous! Why did I not start seeing this activity until version 2.2.1+?
  13. How much kb/s are we talking here? under 1kb dl/ul per second could be just the DHT protocol. I posted this previously. I'll re-post it.
  14. Until you do that ' date=' you are on your own... (you can peek at my tips, tho...)[/quote'] I have followed your tips before, and they did nothing to help the problem. I can not be the only one experiencing this issue!
  15. Anyone else having this happen or is it just me? I have tried so many things to fix it, but nothing seems to work. This behaviour started with 2.2.1 for me, and still happens in 3.0.
  16. The primary label is effectively the old label. The other labels are just tags (they do nothing but act as a tag). That doesn't make any sense at all. It behaves the exact same way for me. Label a torrent as: Music. Have some other torrents in a label called: Delete Now, right click on the one torrent with the label: Music, then choose Set Primary: Delete It still has the label: Music attached to it, which means it acts the same way as setting a label the regular way. So, now I always have to check a label, and then uncheck the old one. Sucks so much. I think I will go back to 2.2, since that is the last version to work properly for me. 2.2.1 was awful as well. Sending and downloading when there are not even any active torrents is ridiculous, and making my bandwidth sky rocket. Plus making my internet so much slower, and not connecting to websites. Maybe your next version will work properly, but I am not crossing my fingers.
  17. Another issue I have. I had this with the last 2.2 build as well. I have 0 torrents downloading, but multiple seeding. I started it up about 2 hours ago. I have downloaded 144 mb. In a time where making sure you don't go over bandwidth limits, this is not good. That could add up very very quickly. Is this amount real? What is it I'm supposedly downloading exactly?
  18. I am not understanding how primary labels work. Is there a place I can read more about them? I don't like multiple labels personally, and have no use for them.
  19. Went back to 2.2, and all is working great. So, there is definitely some change in 2.2.1 that is messed up. Even my upload speeds are properly maxing out like they used to at 50 kB/s, as I have a ton of torrents running.
  20. I don't need to do that. I've done it a while ago, and my speeds remain the same. I have my upload limit set to 50 kB/s, and I get a max of 80 kB/s. My download limit is set to 350 kB/s, and I get a max of 500 kB/s. Also, uTorrent is not obeying the download limit. It is currently downloading at 450 kB/s with the speed limit set at my usual 350 kB/s.
  21. Really unfortunate that I'm getting dial up speeds when browsing the internet with utorrent running. As soon as I close it, everything is nice and speedy. And utorrent is only downloading at a rate of 30 kB/s currently, and uploading at the same speed. Something is very wrong with this build. I've tried changing all of my settings as suggested here, and other pages. Nothing has worked. I think it's just this build, as it was working previously.
  22. Well I have: Apply my rate limit to transport overhead, and Apply my rate limit to uTP connections; both enabled.
  23. Why? It shows me all of the torrents including non-active ones that are doing nothing. The ones that are downloading or uploading show up in the active torrent category. So it's just less clutter, but anyway, I see the same activity that is not adding up to the right amount it's showing. I should say also that nothing is downloading when this is happening.