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  1. i've been testing utorrent beta builds for years and i will continue to do so, been testing them since 0.1b i think it was called. I never once said that i don't like testing the beta builds I just think that it is important for auto update to work and i posted that it isn't so it can be fixed because i don't like taking the time to manually download and then install.
  2. Start here >>> Yeah, ok i read that before but still no real answer to why the mismatch. And what about the main reason of my post, why won't auto update work again with this build? This is the 4th or 5th time in the past several months that auto update didn't work so then i had to manually download and install the beta. The last time i did a manual install it changed settings in utorrent so i don't want to do a manual install this time. been here since the very first beta 0.1b. or something like that and never had these issues until this year
  3. it says beta build 30267 is available but update keeps trying unsuccessfully to install 30269 with a failed to install notice. It did the same with build 30244, it tried to install 30246 unsuccessfully with a failed to update notice. I manually downloaded and installed 30246 which caused some of utorrents settings to be changed. So i don't want to manually install this time. Why the mismatch of the build numbers??? :/