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  1. After some testing (on private trackers) I noticed that torrents seem to take an increased amount of time to load the initial seed/peer list, around 3-5 seconds sometimes even more. In previous beta builds the list was loaded almost instantaneous.
  2. Awesome work with 1.8.1. Big thank you to all the developpers. Can't wait to test the new beta's.
  3. Thank you for this great piece of software.
  4. For me in this RC, it takes forever to connect to a tracker, no matter if it's private or public. That never happened in the latest beta 2951 where it connects instantly.
  5. I confirm this. I have Win Me and limiting upload still doesn't work, too. Thanks so much for this. :cool:
  6. @Firon, build 2448 works excellent for me. I have Windows Millennium if that helps.
  7. Limiting upload still doesn't work for me. http://i7.tinypic.com/54md5yp.jpg
  8. Same problem in the latest beta like everybody else with dl/upload limiting. Reverse back to 2448.
  9. Limiting download/upload works just fine for me. The latest beta is solid like a rock for me. Great job. ETA: OS: Windows Millennium, 128 RAM, Pentium III 733
  10. Really impressive this program! :cool: One of the best (if not the best) programs I ever used. Thank you for continuing support for older version of windows (Win 95, Win98, WinME). Your work is greatly appreciated, Ludde! ETA: Thank you Firon for pointing that out!
  11. I have the following problem (it started with 1.3 version)... after I stop all torrents (usually 4), the program exits and after 1-2 seconds my computer completely freezes and the only solution left is to restart the computer using the reset button (ctrl+alt+del doesn't work). When I start utorrent again the program always checks all the torrents. I've never had this problem until 1.3 version. I'm using preset preferences and I have a Pentium III, OS WinME, no firewall, no antivirus.