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  1. Hello BitComet x64 1.34, a few days of use - without any problem limits the upload speed and does not react with download speed. If I set limit to 3000 k/s, I will have 3200-3300 all the time. I set 2000, will get 2000 +100/200/300. How so? :/ Does BitComet have an iron (cast iron? I don't know), stupid and simple speed limit? Can I get the same results on uTorrent? Also - thx to x64 ver. program, it can use 6-7 GB of RAM for disk caching (helps with slow HDDs and many torrent jobs). When we will be able to download 64-bit ver. of uTorrent? Earlier, when uT had an old chaching algorithm, I could use many RAM for windows chaching (for read operations) also by playing with diskio.cache_stripe, but now I can't (can't to enable a stupid read caching, now we have only smart things). uT is too smart now :|
  2. Zarggg >Personally, I think it's ridiculous that I see people complaining about "slow" speeds on fiber and other Ridiculous is speed limit algorithm in uT. Now I have only upload jobs. ~4.4 mbytes/s w/o speed limit and only ~1.7-1.8 mbytes/s with 3000 kbyte/s limit. Thats what I have at the moment. uTorrent Setup Guide settings for my speed ridiculous as well. 15 max active torrents? I'm using 5 different T-trackers and have heap of torrent jobs, because I can't (don't want) to track all the jobs and rating, so I have now 1,5 Tb of data for upload and dozens of tasks, so I need to lower all other settings. And if in this situation all works good but w/o speed limit, this means that speed limit is buggy or unfinished. Many of uT-users of one of the largest T-trackers (rutracker) also complain about it, as I remember, even from ver. 1.8 or so. According to another recommendation (link to image) I need to configure uT like this. Got the same problems with speed limit. Also I absolutely don't like new caching algorithm, earlier was better, but it is not so bad like a speed limit. But thx to all versions of uT, I transferred about two hundred terabytes for three years easily, starting from 10/10 mbit channel. And it was even not 24/7 :/
  3. DreadWingKnight I guess for "proper settings" we also need to turn on uTP and DHT But again. When I don't have any active speed limit on 80/40 mbit channel, upload goes ~4,5 mbyte/s and download ~7,5/8 mbytes/s (Windows perfmon shows a little higher speeds on network interface). But as soon as I will limit upload speed to about 3000 kbytes/s, my download speed drops to ~4 (don't remember exactly) mbytes/s. When upload speed limit will be disabled - d-speed will jump to 7-8 mbytes/s. But I can't use this program w/o upload s-limit - got TS3-server on that PC too and can see that TS3-serv will show packet loss and even if will ping that PC from enother ISP - after 15-20 packets we will see one lost packet. For inet-surfing I use enother ISP. Regarding Plus-version. From the beginning I thought that it's almost impossible, that paid version might work better. I guess everyone write this just half in jest
  4. Simon100 Nope uTP and DHT are off, and there was no any HTTP/FTP transfers. >Perhaps, you might try the "Plus/Paid" edition... They may be crippling the "free" version. Oh, it's very nice Think I'd rather try something else, another torrent-client. Or I want to read it from the creator of this program. If he will confirm that paid version of uT will work better than free - no problem, I will buy it. But I'm nearly sure that he will never confirm this. I just now thinking what to do - whether I should try last build of 3.2 (I think it will be the same), or use something stable, like older versions (2.1/2.2 or others). Or search for another T-client.
  5. On 27568 I've got a problem - if I have a speed limit for upload, my download speed can be lower (much lower). Why? Someone said that it can be an anti-leech ??? What I will have here, on 28086?
  6. What about speed limit? As in prev. ver. if I set limit (for example - upload) for 7000 kb/s, my U speed can drop to ~3,5 mbyte/s. As soon as I will remove limit, I can see up to 8+ mbyte/s :/
  7. rafi Thx, but what can I do now? Which option I can change to make uT use more memory? I can't use 1500 MB cache - during upload and download uT can hang. 1350 Mb is ok for me, thats all I can do about cache memory in this version of uT. Also I've noticed that I get best results when diskio.cache_stripe is set to 512 or even 1024 (there many "dummy" reads I guess but some of them hits the target). And diskio.coalesce_write_size with diskio.max_write_queue I use much more than default. I've got 80/80 mbit and two slooooow HDDs - WD Green (with AAM on 255 (so they got slow seek)), and up to 100 torrents (active up to 30-40 at the same time). So the default settins is definitely not for me :/ And only with that settings I can see high speeds.
  8. Can't find options for Windows caching. I would like to use Windows cache for reading, cause have 12 GB of RAM and only 1,3 GB is used (+1,52 GB if we set 1500 MB for uT cache). It's a bug for the developers have removed this feature?