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  1. So what I'm reading is there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to update from my 3.3.1 (29812) version. The only problem I have with 29812 (the non-deletion of .torrent files) isn't fixed in this build, and a whole host of potential new problems are introduced? Pass. I guess it was fixed in 3.4. Let's hope they'll back-port it to 3.3.x . It's fixed in the 3.4 Alpha, I finally tested it, but there are SO MANY other issues with that Alpha that I'd rather just deal with the non-deletion.
  2. Yikes! The "not deleting" issue may have been fixed but the users will be introduced to many more head-aches in 3.4 alpha unless they are willing to use it for troubleshooting purposes. Yeah, I thought about mentioning that. That's why I didn't try the 29785 build, because it had so many other issues, and I wasn't interested in being an Alpha tester. I don't know what of those other issues they may have fixed in 29861. I'm personally using 3.3.1 (29812) and just dealing with the non-deletion as necessary.
  3. I got an email from the devs back on June 10 that said that the .torrent not deleting issue had been fixed in what was then then the latest 3.4 Alpha, build 29785. I didn't try it to see due to a bunch of other stuff being broken in that build. I now see they've pushed another Alpha build, 29861, which some reports say have fixed the "not deleting" issue. You might try that.
  4. ... There's no reason for them to change it if they're never aware it's an issue. So what's the harm in asking? The worst thing that happens is they say no, or just ignore the suggestion. I don't understand why you are so vehemently opposed to dissent. What is wrong with saying something? I understand if you feel it's useless, but you're not arguing as if it's useless, you're arguing as if just the act of asking is somehow wrong, in and of itself. Like I'm breaking some unwritten law or something. And as far as "rhetoric vs rebellion" goes... what purpose does it serve to "rebel" and change to a different clent? They're not making any money, so it's not like I'm hitting them in the wallet. I'm interested in making things better, and so, I would presume, are the developers. Perhaps more so even than if they were making money from it, because they're doing this because they want to, and so want to see it succeed. And so, in wanting that, I would think that feedback would be somewhat welcome. That feedback could then be channeled according to impact and importance, into "should be changed," "could be changed," or "won't be changed." But I promise you, unless someone at some point provides some feedback (even if they're providing the feedback to themselves), every issue would perpetually stay in "won't be changed," and nothing ever gets better. So again, I ask, why are you so opposed to feedback? You're not telling me I'm wasting my time, you're not telling me it's a stupid idea so why bother, you're telling me "don't do it just because I don't think you should." I'm attempting to offer coherent feedback here, I'm not posting yet another "MY TORETNS DON WORK Y NOT PLS HALP ME U ALL SUCK" post. If you think my feedback is dumb, then ignore it. ESPECIALLY since you're not even a dev, and it's not specifically aimed at you.
  5. Well, see, that's what makes us different. You throw up your hands too easily. I will always say something. I am always the guy who raises his hand in the meeting and says, "Hey, what about..." or "This is a minor thing, but does this have to be this way?" And you know what? Often, I have people tell me afterwards, "Thanks, it bothered me too, but I didn't want to say anything," or "I'm glad you mentioned that. I wanted to, but my boss would have flipped out on me." They're worried about rocking the boat, for whatever reason, or they don't want to be seen as "that guy." I'm not concerned. So I speak up. And often, nonsensical things get changed because I do. In this case, maybe some dev put in the minimum width on the left panel "just because," without any real specific reason, but just because he thought it should have one. If there was no real solid reason, maybe he'll read our comments about it and think, "Y'know what? There's really no reason for that, so I'll just take it out." And then my problem is solved. Alternately, if there is a good reason, or he "knows better" than me, which I acknowledge may be the case, then he can ignore my gripe, because it's a minor inconvenience, or he can explain its reasoning, and the world keeps spinning. But most of the time, you'll get one of those three responses: change, ignore, or explain. Only occasionally do you get the "if you don't like it, leave" response that you gave, because that sounds petulant and childish, and is usually reserved for those situations where the person being questioned can't adequately justify their actions and/or does not like having their authority challenged.
  6. People are different. I like to watch things work, be they mechanical or electronic. You haven't looked at your uTorrent all day, I look at mine all the time. It's just what I do. I'm not taking it personally, at least no more so than you seemed to be. "Shouted down" doesn't mean you were yelling, necessarily, just emphatic. What I meant by that was that you seemed to have taken it upon yourself to try to convince us that we're wrong in our opinion about the sidebar, first by saying it hadn't changed, then by saying it was no big deal, and then finally by saying "If you don't like it just leave." It's like you're personally invested in this thing, and you're offended that some of us don't like it. We'll just agree to disagree.
  7. You sound angry. I don't particularly care about ads. It's nice that they include a way to turn them off, but it's not strictly necessary. I just kinda think the creeping screen real estate is a little annoying. I don't have a very large screen, and I have my detail pane columns set up just the way I like them (I abhor side-scroll bars, so I have just the info I need slated to fit perfectly), and losing another (completely unnecessary) half an inch to the left pane means I have to rejigger everything. Get it now? It's not a dealbreaker, it's just annoying, and your "If you don't like it why don't you just leave" tirade is a little tiresome. I'm a user of the software, and I'm entitled to voice my opinion. I require that the devs take heed of that opinion in direct proportion to how much I've paid for the software. Since I paid nothing, that means they're perfectly entitled to ignore the hell out of me, but I will not be shouted down by you.
  8. ^^ What he said, because he did it better than I could. I don't understand the point of setting a minimum size, anyway. If I only want to see the first letter of each line, why shouldn't I be able to?
  9. Yep' date=' that's enough for me to say "no" to updating. Thanks for the heads up.[/quote'] Because of an extra 20pixels (possibly) in a panel that is actually "draggable" to adjust it's width in any case?? Certainly. I already have it dragged to its absolute minimum, so why would i want it any bigger? Unless there are some substantive changes or fixes in the new version, why would I upgrade to one that offers nothing except something I know I don't want?
  10. Yep, that's enough for me to say "no" to updating. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Correct. Doing that does nothing at all. Not entirely correct. It depends on whether "Advanced" is already selected when you open your Preferences window. If it is, then when you press shift-F2 and Preferences, then the Advanced extras will already be there. However, if Advanced is not already selected (say, for instance, Bandwidth is highlighted), then when you select Advanced, the extras will not be there. If something other than Advanced is selected when the Preferences window opens, you must hold shift-F2 while selecting Advanced to get the extras to show up. If you select Advanced without holding shift-F2, the extras will not be visible, even if you held shift-F2 while selecting Preferences.
  12. Edit ul_rate_download_thres setting to 5 or 10 I can't find it in Advanced. Click on Options, then before you click on Preferences, press & hold Shift-F2. There will now be a half dozen or so additional fields in Advanced that aren't there without the modifier.
  13. OK, so Beasly's post took care of the maintenance load I spoke of, and made it work. As long as the maintenance load doesn't exceed the value in that field, the Alternate Rate setting works. Still don't know why you'd use it, especially with the larger Alternate Rate than your standard rate, but whatever. It works, that's what matters.
  14. I don't use this feature, but I tested it, and I don't see it to be working, either. I currently have 7 files in my "Active" tab, all are seeding, nothing is downloading, and my upload rate is unchanged. My combined downstream rate for all 7 files, as shown in the bottom status bar, is between 1.0 kB/s and 2.0 kB/s. Is that total enough to make uTorrent think I'm downloading, and not trigger this setting? Because that's just the maintenance load on the seeded files, and I have no control over that. Also, I'm not sure why you'd have a larger upload rate when not downloading than when you are... It's not like it would hurt your download rate. In my experience, any file that's being downloaded seems to have priority over and gets much faster upload speeds than anything else that happens to be seeding at the time. That is, the one file I'm downloading usually is using much more of my upstream bandwidth than any one (or all) of the other six files that are seeding. If anything, I'd think you'd use this feature to have your bandwidth lower when you're not downloading, while retaining full bandwidth capability when you were.
  15. Still getting .torrent files not being successfully deleted in 29710. Failed on 3-4 files deleted today, out of about a dozen total deletions. All were in "Finished" status after reaching their seeding goals. All had been active during the current session at some point, because after the last session restart, all files that were in Finished status were deleted at that time. Current session run was in excess of 24 hours. I had enough to test with "Delete to trash" set to both True and False. With DtT set true, data was placed in the Recycle Bin while .torrent remained in place, and an error like [2013-05-21 01:50:42] Warning: Delete to trash failed for D:\!Incomplete Downloads\Torrents\Random.Torrent.File.mkv.1.torrent. Error: 0. Deleting permanently. was recorded in the log. With Delete to Trash set false, data file was removed completely, .torrent file remained in place, and no errors were recorded in the log. A check of the file lock with Unlocker showed that utorrent.exe had the file locked.
  16. That sounds like a good hint... Always? @Osmosis: you have the same message? Every time? I always have delete to trash at false' date=' so I don't see that error. Also I think we might be referring to something different, but perhaps related, since I don't keep things in incomplete and have it move or anything; I'm just referring to the copies uTorrent keeps in %AppData%/uTorrent to run from. And I'd venture to guess that it's more likely to happen while seeding than when the torrent is marked "completed/finished" from reaching the seeding target, etc. But there still doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to that since I've had those ones be locked too.[/quote'] I think it's the same issue, we just have different configurations. I believe the default settings are for uTorrent to keep the .torrent files in %AppData%/uTorrent, but I didn't want them there, so I created a folder for them as D:\Incomplete Downloads\Torrents and used the configuration options at Preferences > Directories to put them there. My "Store .torrents in:" and "Move .torrents for finished jobs to:" settings both point to that folder. I'm guessing you just have those settings turned off so you're getting the default. I'm going to change my "to trash" setting to false, and see what behavior that produces. I've downloaded that app and I will look at it the next time I have a failure to see if I can come up with any more diagnostic information.
  17. I was editing my comment when you replied, but in case you're subscribing to replies, here it is with some expansion: If you mean does it get logged every time it fails? I don't know; I never looked for it before I saw CphD's comment about it logging, so I only know about the three that failed to delete today and all were logged. I'm assuming it does, and I will watch for it in the future. Unfortunately I restarted my uTorrent as part of my testing within the last couple hours, so it may be a while until I get another error, since restarting clears all the existing file locks.
  18. That sounds as a good hint... Always? @Osmosis: you have the same message? Every time? I'm not sure I take the meaning of your question. If you mean does it get logged every time it fails? I don't know; I never looked for it before I saw CphD's comment about it logging, so I only know about the three that failed to delete today. I'm assuming it does, and I will watch for it in the future. I forgot to add, I generally use the right-click menu to "remove and delete," but changed my default delete method from only "Remove" to "Remove and delete .torrent + data" per the instructions further up in this thread, and still had two files fail this morning.
  19. I've been following this discussion with some interest, as I asked about this several months ago here, and got no response until very recently. The previous comments in this thread reflect my experience exactly. The .torrent files are not being deleted, and the error is logged thusly: [2013-05-18 13:50:14] Warning: Delete to trash failed for D:\!Incomplete Downloads\Torrents\Random.Torrent.File.mp4.1.torrent. Error: 0. Deleting permanently. I generally only delete torrents after the seeding goal has been reached (unless they're bad files) and they are in "Finished" status. My experience is that if the torrent has been active during the current uTorrent session, the .torrent file will not delete, regardless of how long it has been in Finished status. Attempting to manually delete the .torrent file through Explorer will result in the message "The action can't be completed because the file is open in uTorrent. Close the file and try again." Exiting uTorrent will unlock the file for deletion. Unlike one of the comments in my previous thread linked above, I do not find that this occurs only with torrents obtained through magnet links. Unfortunately, I also find that the problem is not 100% repeatable. I would agree with CphD that it's around 25% failure rate.
  20. Just wanted to say thanks. I just updated to 29126, and both the Advanced > Set Download Location and the individual file Relocate commands are executing much faster. I don't know what you changed, but I appreciate it.
  21. I had to make an account just to say thanks to the two of you. Agent007bond, for your status bar colors from this thread and rl1993 for giving me back my old high contrast graph. You guys rock.