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  1. I know it's not that different, but as a person who hates change every little difference from what I'm used to irritates me an awful lot and I go rage mode and in turn start annoying people >_> (heh, sorry about that..) Actually I never asked, is there any skin for it that makes it like the old ones? I know there was one when the icons/etc got changed with version 2.*something*
  2. *sigh* I knew updating would be a huge mistake, but this is what I get for not checking it out and blindly pressing "yes"... Seriously, what's with the UI changes every version? I just updated from 2.2.1 (using a skin for the even older version) after receiving a prompt for it, and to my disgust everything's changed. The download % bars are changed amongst other things and I'm even more confused than I was after the update to the 2.* UI. After browsing for half an hour to find 2.2.1 for a downgrade, I discover that after doing it, the languages are mixed up (I always had uTorrent set to Bulgarian, but now the non-essential parts of the UI (e.g. seeding, downloading etc.) are now in English while the rest is in Bulgarian like it should be... can I even fix *that* or do I have to bear with it? Sorry if this has been talked about but I'm so enraged about it right now that I don't even feel like searching... /rant
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