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  1. The uTP limit checkbox also seems to untick itself occasionally, but I haven't found the actions that trigger that yet.
  2. How about just making the toolbar-nonsense an opt-in thing?
  3. Yeah, global upload limit doesn't seem to take, no trouble on per-torrent limit so far though. [EDIT] I stand corrected, per torrent upload limit also blatantly ignored.
  4. Remake your firewall rules for µTorrent.
  5. Ah, so there are still sane people after all . Err on the side of caution (and thus ban), while doing actual investigation and talking to the devs. Policy I can agree with, yesyes.
  6. Judging from the status bar, µTorrent thinks the peer is local. Could be an issue with local peer discovery. Perhaps disabling local peer discovery could prevent it?
  7. Think hostingfees. Half the needed quota means much money saved. And I presume some code-protection motives are in play too.
  8. No OS has the "ability" you describe, and we're talking 500k of .exe anyway.
  9. Nice for consistency, but boy is it ugly :/. Nearly giving me a headache w00t, 'next piece' and p for pause in µTris!!
  10. I didn't say long, I said big .