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  1. Not sure if this is supposed to go here, but since it's related to the last update of uTorrent, I thought I'd post it here. With the last automatic update uTorrent keeps freezing. I didn't have this problem at all when I used uTorrent yesterday. Is there a way to roll back the old version? Or perhaps de-install and re-install uTorrent? Cause it's very frustrating that uTorrent keeps freezing when I start a download. I cannot even select other torrents or seed other torrents when one has "started" downloading. With the one that's "downloading" the DL speed seems to change, but the actual dl amount stays the same and everything freezes. Windows task manager also says it's frozen (doesn't react). Thanks for the help! Edit to add: I've tried installing version 3.1.2 through the download link on the website, but the problem is still there. Is version 3.1.1 still available somewhere? Cause I know that one worked for sure. Or at least the version before this last update. The previous version worked like a charm! Edit to add 2: Okay, I've found an old version (3.0) in my downloads, so I decided to de-install the new version (including removing settings) and freshly install version 3.0. This seems to have done the trick. Now everything works again. I haven't updated anything yet, though. Edit to add 3: Right, scratch the above about 3.0. That's freezing too, while everything else works. It seems to use a huge amount of memory. My cpu usage is at 100% while there's no program active that's using anything really. Perhaps I'll use another program temporarily, until this problem's solved....... Regards, Sheriziya
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