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  1. Disk overloaded 100%...back to 1.7.7 AGAIN :(
  2. He did not tell me anything I did not already know. He did not tell me where to find older version,anyone with half a brain is quite capable of accomplishing that themselves. As I said a few posts up,I would love to use the newest version of the software,but like I and many,many others have pointed out,3.1x has cache problems,it does not function correctly.I do not want (and will not) use any other client,as they are not of the same quality utorrent is. Hopefully this issue will be correct in a near future release.
  3. Thank you Rush,2.2.1 is working great,no issues what so ever. I have never had cpu issues,memory issues,or really any issues at all in the 3+ years of using utorrent.Once 3.1x came around that all changed.
  4. Hello I am using the newest version of utorrent,just upgrading from 1.7.7,I am on i7 with a pci-e ssd HDD and as soon as I upgraded to the newest version,I downloaded a well seeded linux torrent and as soon as i reach arounf 1.0mb\s I get the disk overloaded 100% almost instantly.Is there a permanent fix? I have tried all the online fixes,and they are only bandaids-the problem returns.And that really sucks,since I would love to use the newest version of the software,especially since 1.7.7 does not supports magnet links...
  5. Its already set to true by default.thanks anyway.back to 1.7.7 it is!
  6. Is there a PERMANENT fix for disk overload other then reverting back to 1.7.7?
  7. Hello just thought I wold chime in really quick.I upgraded a few days ago from 1.7.7 to the current release and at first I was getting the disk overloaded issue until I changed these settings.Since using these settings I have not gotten anymore disk overload problems.Hope they can help others.I have downloaded some pretty big torrents over the past few days and I havent received the disk overload warning. sorry about the imageshack link but my pics werent showing up!