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  1. Could someone tell me what "Auto uplink throttling" is? Is it some sort of traffic shaping?
  2. z00z0

    WebUI v0.315

    WebUi is really nice. Thank you, you're just grrrrreat
  3. Yup. I had first yellow, than red light with 458 and than with 460 - although down and upload worked great. It was all green with 1.5 minutes ago. Than i changed the port 2-3 times, reconfigured-rebooted router for the new port, edited the ports in Windows Firewall. Now it is all green. Took me 10 minutes, now i'm happy. Don't know what was problem though. EDIT: I should learn to type
  4. I'm just glad for the progressbars in main torrent view. Thanks again. I wonder where are the bloatwarriors now As i see Ludde implemented the progressbar very cleverly, avoiding the XP component and using a nice custom ones - and he even managed to put the % inside very nicely, like it is readable whatever the value is. Congrats!
  5. Thank you very much for the graphical progress bar.
  6. Thank you very much for this great client. Great job!
  7. Thanks for the update! I can confirm the categories are fixed. Great job there! Ps: As i remember this was the first time i missed an update ("just a minor update... bla... bla... i just rather skip it"), and there you have it, the bug that bugged me so much is killed in there. I've learned my lesson
  8. Yup, good eyes you have there Actually didn't see this fix in 432 changelog. But i will try
  9. I'm having issues wih the 'Active' category. Before it had a meaning that: show only torrents where up and downspeed != 0. Now i have finished, queued ones all over. What happened? As I remember it was fine in beta 428.
  10. Did the 'Active' category meaning change since b428 till b431? Because i loved the way 'Active' only showed the torrents which nor the down speed nor the upspeed isn't = 0, aka they are active: there is some speed related to them. Now i have some - not all - queued seed between them. Could anyone tell me what changed in this?
  11. I saw the screenshot (back at the "join the club" post), and i think the tab icons are great! Well done, and keep up the good work EDIT: i know the 429 is not public. I don't care, let me have it!
  12. Thank you for the categories view! It is really awesome!
  13. Thanks for the quick IO cache disk read whatever name crash bug fix Hey, this was my first crash with µTorrent since the beginning. Well done
  14. Gooey: Isn't that HDi on your taskbar? Though i don't see it on the processlist. If it is, try to close it, it did some strange things on my config - though i couldn't test 1.23, because of the "no donations no website" problem.
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