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  1. It displays what you have in your clipboard, if it contains a URL.
  2. A faster way to that folder is %AppData%\uTorrent It's an environment variable, works for anyone, regardless of name, so no need to substitute the name and change it to your own. More info:
  3. Yes, it should not matter how many you use, they should use their respective folder, no?
  4. I'm pretty sure I have everything in my own folder and nothing in %AppData%\uTorrent. Will check when I'm home. Edit: Checked, nothing created there.
  5. In latest build, what does Unlock Torrent do?
  6. No, same here. But I can right click and download, so it works ok.
  7. Please try build 30331 Thanks, they work now!
  8. This is an example how it works:
  9. Unblock it. It still doesn't honor portable install.
  10. Could it be the block in utorrent.exe's Properties that prevents it to start?
  11. Under Preferences > General.
  12. 1. You can turn off ads under Preferences > Advanced. Offer and upsell should be false. There's a thread here what to turn off in more detail. 2. The current sorted column will not have alternate color.
  13. I just dislike it creating files I don't/won't need, that's all. This was most a test from the other thread about resume.dat being reset and as such I experienced this behaviour.
  14. - Adding magnet links when running from portable USB drive will not show any files to select in Add New Torrent-dialog. Steps to reproduce: 1. Place utorrent.exe and create settings.dat on a portable USB drive (not HDD). 2. Add Torrent from URL. 3. Paste magnet link. 4. Wait for it do download and rename .torrent. Result: No files to select, need to select the from the Files-tab after - When a .torrent-file gets downloaded and renamed from a magnet link and you cancel the Add New Torrent-dialog. it doesn't remove the .torrent-file. Steps to reproduce: 1. USB or normal portable, doesn't matter. 2. Add Torrent from URL. 3. Paste magnet link. 4. Cancel dialog when it has got the .torrent Result: Renamed .torrent-file remains (even after exiting µTorrent).
  15. All versions of utorrent 3.3.1 and later use %appdata%\utorrent as their install location' date=' because if you ever turn on the automatic update feature, we have to be able to write to the install directory.[/quote'] If you have it portable you can obviously write to that directory. It has always worked before this change. It's more convenient the old way, please add it back. Thanks.