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  1. uTorrent no longer installs in %programsfiles% but in %APPDATA%\uTorrent instead. Since all the settings are stored there it's natural it would go in that folder. Just something to get used to from now on. I don't use uTorrent shortcuts in quick launch, desktop nor start menu because it's not necessary. When you start a torrent uTorrent opens up anyway but if you need to have a shortcut just pin uTorrent to your taskbar. Not sure if quick launch still exists in Win8, I never messed around with Win8 enough but I'm sure you can find answers with a quick google search.
  2. I guess that's what I meant by uninstall since uninstall only removes the exe from Program Files (x86). Going to do some homework on the settings and see what works best. :cool:
  3. Just installed 3.3.1 and removed the ad bar. Looks like uTorrent no longer installs in %programsfiles% but %APPDATA%\uTorrent instead. Is it safe to uninstall the older version of uTorrent without affecting settings? I'm also looking at your uTorrent guide, if everything has been working fine up to this point is there any reason to tweak my uTorrent according to your guide? Thanks for taking your time to answer my questions rafi.
  4. Will do, going give 3.3.1 a shot after I finish all my current downloads finish (just to be safe).
  5. Sorry, I thought you were messin' around. You're right, all the reports I'm reading right now are from XP users. I'm using Win7 x64 so I should have nothing to worry about?
  6. LoL, nice try. I'm reading about all these issues right now with 3.3.1 like the invisible tray icon which makes me reluctant to update since the version I'm using now is working.
  7. What's the most stable build right now? I'm still on 3.1.2,26821
  8. McKenna's right, I just noticed this too. Anyone notice uTorrent forgets which column header is set? ^ That's what I currently have but once I restart my computer or close and restart uTorrent it will not remember my column bar settings. I have to manually re-enable "Peers" and "Uploaded" every single time I start uTorrent. This problem did not exist in 3.1.x
  9. The download pages says µTorrent Stable (3.2 build 27886), but when I download and install the latest version it says build 27850. I upgraded to 3.xx from 2.2.1 for the "save directory" column. Which 3.xx version do you recommend at the moment? I also noticed when using selective download the xxx.dat file takes awhile to delete itself after I remove the torrent from the list. This was instantaneous in 2.2.1.