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  1. Good to see it worked on. Hope it is solved soon.
  2. So you are willing to give access to your hard drive' date=' to other users, so they can "Query torrent file contents", if you already have the .torrent file? If not, where are they going to "Query torrent file contents" from?[/quote'] I don't understand what you're getting at. If I am going to start downloading as it is now, won't this happen anyway?
  3. Oh, you mean it will download the torrent this way, but not any of the files? OK, that constitutes the feature that I want then. But see, it didn't occur to me naturally (I would have thought nothing happens if I don't start the torrent) and I had to waste 1-2 hours searching on the internet to even understand WTF was going on (didn't even know what magnet links were until the file list stopped coming up). Still seems like a "download magnet link torrent from peers" button along with a progress bar right in the add torrent window would be appropriate addition. Dunno wether others are smarter than me or care about this though, so maybe it's not worth it for you to spend time on it.
  4. That would be perfect. Lack of this precise feature has been driving me absolutely nuts since magnet links started to take over. I have basically used uTorrent right from the start for several years and it has been absolutely perfect. But now with magnets I will have to switch to another client if you don't include this option soon. It shouldn't be that difficult to implement anyway, I mean the program already has to download the .torrent file anyway, all you have to do is to make it do that earlier. The ability to select files once you have started downloading is NOT enough, even if you give that tab a file tree. This is because by that time, the program might have started downloading a big file that you do not want, and now you have to close uTorrent, delete that file manually, restart uTorrent and force re-check the torrent to get rid of that file. Noone wants to waste this 15 seconds.