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  1. Please, give an example of creating a file for torrent's update. For a better understanding, show it in the form of a standart torrent file with its update link and the following processes ( copy the update link, paste in utorrent3.4, update the torrent file). Previously the authors of utorrent discussed this option and gave some links for sites's pages with examples of updating Almost all of them don't open now exept one with an update link. This link has the code: { "message": "no update", "success": true } In the instruction for this option everything is in another way: "announce": ..., "info": { "originator": com.bittorrent's DER encoded x.509 certificate, "update-url": "", ... }, "signatures": { "com.bittorrent": { "signature": info dict signature, }, ... } } I want the option works on my computer in a proper way and don't understand what I should choose or make. --------------------------- Please, give a piece of advice. Can I create a link for isp.fqdn and place it in sites don't write tracker's addresses in magnet links, for example If I can create a link for isp.fqdn, all running torrents in my torrent-client can get global tracker's address ( for instance udp:// or any other)
  2. My ISP gives out such local IP for ADSL to users ........ NAT In utorrent NAT-Traversal works ?
  3. doesn't work isp.peer_policy_url and - range isn't defined as local
  4. ciaobaby, please, show a working example
  5. Write how to update a torrent by means of this option
  6. the web-seed ( in magnet link ws ) is removed after program restart
  7. I noticed the option DHT_RSS (dht. collect_feed). But no feeds was caught after enabling it. The idea is splendid but for some reason it doesn"n work.
  8. "Update Torrent ..." - ? :/ return the fl parameter in magnet link
  9. Dear Sir or Madam, There is an option in utorrent client isp.peer_policy_url. Unfortunately, it’s hard for many users to make a list of IP ranges of their providers or p2p zones. At the same time, most internet providers in the Eastern European countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia ....) have their own trackers, as well as government agencies (and our copyright protection is not effective). Almost all torrent trackers add address of local tracker http://retracker.local/announce to our torrent file or magnet link. Also, many providers receive additional address of retracker via isp.bep22. But it does not effect on uploading providers’ channels and users’ downloading speed. Some providers ask their users to add link http://peerpolicy.local/announce.xml in the field isp.peer_policy_url but only few geeks know how to do it right, and the rest of lamers are either unfamiliar with such setting or afraid of possible difficulties. Could you please make for us (residents of the Eastern Europe) uttorent client with default setting isp.peer_policy_url and with written link http://peerpolicy.local/announce.xml ? For example, if our users download or update utorrent client from your site they will get their default setting isp.peer_policy_url updated automatically. Another program for p2p exchange flylinkDC++ is very popular in our countries. Its developers make default setting for reward for each provider separately. May uttorent's developers cooperate with our providers, at least with isp.peer_policy_url ? Looking forward for your response. Very truly yours, grey_rat
  10. µTorrent 3.2 beta (26850) isp.peer_policy_url - crash