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  1. TBH when installing software there shouldnt be 3 or 4 extra steps to install other junk. If i wanted that other junk id go download it. It shouldnt be bundled. Thats goes for every other installer though. Just let us install a clean version with no extra steps for unwanted garbage.
  2. I do not know why they cant just concentrate on the stable versions before moving on to alphas and betas. Properly fix bugs in that first then move on to new builds. That seems to be the most logical instead of spreading resources thin and releasing junk. Im not a programmer but it seems to be a disorganized way of handling things. Make sure you release an actual stable version first then move on to other things. Obviously youll need an update here an there but the amounts of fixes that are needed on these so called stable builds are ridiculous.
  3. I have reversed back to 3.2.3 (28705). All files are being skipped properly once again. I think i will just stay with this version as it is most stable and I have 0 issues.
  4. Are you asking or saying?... Screenshot with the files tab? I was saying it is still present. I tested on magnet links that i have downloaded before that properly skipped files. Now when i re download that magnet link again, uncheck those files. They still end up in my completed folder. It wasnt doing that until after build 29544. I uninstalled with remove settings, and manually removed from registry as well. Upon re-installing build 29462 the problem was still there and build 29462 did not do that for me before. Only after build 29544. Is there a file i am missing to remove? Checked all AppAdata, program files etc. and made sure utorrent was deleted from all areas.
  5. tried reverting back to build 29420 but problem still exits?
  6. the skipped files bug is back with latest build ( All the files i skip are still being downloaded. boo
  7. is it me or does this latest release install toolbar and that other junk without permission? For some reason when installing everything got installed even though i declined and unchecked all.