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  1. Cassy grabs her claw of castration and chops off otis61578's tiny tinky winky and then she proceeds to slice him into tiny, itty bits and stuffs them in a box! Then they don't OWE you a single thingy, do they!?! They have ZERO obligation to make you happy at all! - Oh, ya, forgot that little fundamental issue, right? *WHAP! *WHAP! - WAKE UP! You do NOT have to be such a rude maggot snot about it or to Firon or others that make Utorrent though, do you?! Firon knows about the issue! He knows it's a problem for SOME of the users. He's already said they're looking into it and will try to fix it! OMG! GASPING! How *DARE THEY* take care of their PAYING clients before they spend time on our freeloading butts?!? Why.. it's UNAMERICAN, right? I mean Heaven FORBID that they have families, responsibilities, employees, or other important thingys that may require them getting PAID SOMETHING for all their time and work! Since when did it become "okies" to insult and yell at and be mean to peeps that were giving you something for FREE?!?! If you don't want their "crap" as you put it; then THERE is the DOOR - Cassy points at the nearest exit - FEEL FREE to use it! And before you even BEGIN to think about replying to this; understand that *I* and MANY OTHERS have ZERO PROBLEMS with Utorrent! It works EXACTLY AND PERFECTLY as *I* want it to! It does EXACTLY what I need and I find it PERFECT for *MY* needs,. The very fact that we've been getting update after update means that Firon and the other wonderful peeps at Utorrent ARE NOT sitting around, playing cards, eating steak and lobster, and drinking champagne! They're fixing thingys! They've got peeps whining and wailing and screaming for them to "add this", "put in that", "fix this", "oh and do that" and while *I* don't know the percentage of users that are having this "disk issue" thingy - I know that I never have! So maybe they're actually taking care of the thingys more important to the whole than to your hole! Are you SERIOUS?!?! *YOU* can't have what *YOU* want *THIS INSTANT* *FOR FREE* so you actually think that gives you some CLAIM ON THEM!?! *WHAP! *WHAP! *WHAP! - GROW UP! As a matter of fact, Firon has said some of the thingys peeps want ARE going to take LONGER to do! They've BEEN asking for donations for a long time, haven't they? And you DIDN'T bother, DID YOU? NONE of us "FREE USERS" DID! So we're the FREELOADERS! - Admit it! If they "get to our issue" fine! If they don't and we can't live with it then we can LEAVE OR (gasping again!) we could PAY that 25.00 to them and get the Plus / Pro / whatever! You could do that right now! You could pay them and then you'd actually have a basis for your "crap". I am sure everyone else gets the idea of my rant. Like it or not, it's reality, I believe. I do not apologize for it, but I admit that I think the attitude that "I deserve something even when it's free" is repulsive. Cassy - what you get when you add nitro and glycerin together and shake. P.S. Firon, uhmm.. if you think this post is too upsetting, then certainly feel free to delete it. I don't mean to cause MORE problems for you peeps.
  2. If you go to where your Utorrent program is installed, you will see 1 file; utorrent.exe - that's it. That's also the file you download when you get Utorrent. I think the peeps at Utorrent made the program file the setup file too. What I mean, is that instead of downloading one file (like setup_utorrent_26773.exe) and having that install utorrent, everything is packed into one tiny file. So it wouldn't change it's name. BUT you can right click on the file and go to Properties and then the Details tab and see the version number of that file. I mean if you want to keep track of the different versions for some reason, you can take each uTorrent.exe and put it in a folder with the version number on the folder..? Hope some of that helps? Cassy - Queen of the Moat Monster Union.
  3. Turn that around and what do you have? - I mean no one else is complaining about their AV having problems with Utorrent updating. I never have any issues with Utorrent updating. I also don't have slow-downs and no one else is reporting slowdowns. I think the solution could be simple - Ya, put Utorrent in the "don't bother / scan / mess with" part of your anti-virus program and see if the next update does anything. If it doesn't then you know it's an issue with your AV and Utorrent. Then you can decide what you want to do. I mean it's not like you have to worry about Utorrent downloading a virus if you're getting your updates directly from Utorrent. I've never read about your AV thingy, but it doesn't matter. Since no one else is having the issue with all the other AVs they have running on their various systems - I mean we are discussing TONS and TONS of peeps that use this tons wonderful program! - then it IS probably the way your AV works, how it "thinks". Uhmm, Kriket, as you said, you (nor I) know more than the nice critters at Utorrent about these thingys. So maybe under the way Utorrent is made and working with the operating system does make it impossible as it is? I mean Utorrent could spend the time and effort to re-work it and everything so you don't have to push a button and wait those awful 5 seconds for Utorrent to shut down, and come back up - ya, horrors of horrors! - but why should they? All in all, I think your best answer is to put Utorrent in the "always allow / leave it alone" part of your AV. Then updates won't bother you and everything will be perfect! - Ya, happiness! Of course, you can just turn OFF updating and only update now and then - maybe on "Patch Tuesday" when Windows 7 / XP are updated each month? OR you can just stomp off in a huff and use some other program? I mean the peeps at Utorrent would like you to like their program and I LOVE their program, but I didn't pay for it so they are under NO OBLIGATION whatsoever to me! Anyway, best of luck! Cassy - ya, bouncy, bubbly, happy me!
  4. Hihi there Firon! I'm Cassy - Ya, new member and first time poster, but I have been using Utorrent for over a year, I would guess. You know.. I see peeps here complaining that you're fixing thingys every day.. complaining that you haven't fixed this or that.. complaining that you haven't put in this or that.. but what I do NOT SEE is anyone bothering to once THANK YOU TONS AND TONS for providing us with such a wonderful, FREE program to begin with!! For my part, I would like to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the effort and trouble you put into this wickedly KEWL program AND certainly for the fact that you provide it all for FREE!! I LOVE your program! It's SO TINY and EASY to use and it's just.. PERFECT for me! I do so hope you won't let the thanks you DON'T get, but certain DO DESERVE, to make you upset or angry or want to quit. I know what it is like to do something and have others use that effort but never thank you for it, and it can really be tempting to just think, "those ungrateful maggot snots! Fine! I'll just do it for myself and not provide it to them!" - Ya, but I didn't do that.. though now and then I still do think it! ANYWAY, I did want to post this, and let you know that I DO appreciate your work and efforts, and I hope you'll pass my thank you onto all the other peeps there that help with Utorrent! Huggles and be well! Cassy - Ya, I'm small, but so is a grenade.