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  1. uTorrent 3.5 (build 44090) starting automatically after Windows Start/Restart, even when the Auto-start feature is disabled.
  2. It's alright. Just wanted to put it out there. It doesn't bother me at all.
  3. Sorry. Not using beta version. I'm on uTorrent 3.5 (build 43916). Couldn't find stable 3.5.x in the forum, so commented here.
  4. You've just been upgraded to uTorrent version! This page opens up in the browser automatically every 2-3 days.
  5. Was using 3.3.2 version, was experience frequent crashes. Rolled back to 3.0 version. No crash for 3 weeks now.
  6. This is not an issue, always the auto update to the latest version isn't exposed to 100% users all together. It's done gradually. Either you need to update yourself, or wait till Administrators release the update for more/all users. I'm not completely sure of the reason, it may be, in case there are some bugs, everyone don't get messed up.
  7. Yes. 3.2 fixes the problem with Magnetic Links. 3.3 fixes Disk Error. I only use Private Trackers always so no Magnetic Links issue, and never had any problem with µtorrent what so ever, with Disk Error. Been Lucky I think. Still waiting for the stable version of the above 2 version. Major upgrade coming in the coming months.
  8. Auto Update received, uTorrent updated to 3.1.3 Thank You, FIron and other Admins
  9. I still don't have any Auto Update Pop Up
  10. 3.3 is on the alpha track. Only people who are on 3.3 can be updated to the newest version. My mistake. I was talking about the 3.1.3
  11. Any specific reason for the Auto Update being not made available to all users?
  12. People don't have much idea about BETA versions, I think. Hence their argument is, as it is having some problems, hence they'll move it to some other clients. BETA versions are called BETA, because it contains some coding errors, etc. Which will get sorted, once addressed in the final release version. If you don't want these problems, DON'T UPDATE TO BETA VERSIONS, like I don't.
  13. When will the update prompt pop up when I open utorrent? I like doing update that way.
  14. Those who having the problem with Update prompt thing, they can UNCHECK the "Check for updates automatically" box under the General section, and most probably, the prompt won't come. Those who say, utorrent trigger their anti virus, it's not utorrent, it's the files you are downloading (.torrent file), might have suspicious files which possibly could trigger the Anti Virus scan, as Anti Virus have Realtime Protection/File Scanning system. So they check every incoming files, as soon they start to come.
  15. I update to new version/build whenever available. It's a matter of seconds & it's free. I use ESET NOD32 Anti Virus 5. No problem whatsoever. :cool: No option to complaint Satisfied for the last 5 years. Good Work