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  1. Agreed. I posted a topic as a bug report on this issue, now I don't know if I should have posted it here or there.
  2. True, I didn't pay attention to the author, thought it was a suggestion.
  3. I just installed Vuze to test, and it does exactly what we are asking here. From the AT dialog (using a magnet link), you can see the files that you are going to download, and select the files you want BEFORE actually adding the download to the queue. Loading contents from magnet link: Let the user select the files BEFORE starting the download: Too bad that Vuze is full of bloatware.
  4. If I click OK at the AT dialog, it will get the torrent file anyway, right? Why can't it get the torrent file before clicking OK at the AT dialog?
  5. If I click OK at the AT dialog, won't it somehow load the torrent contents anyway? (and show it at the Files tab) Why can't this be done at the AT dialog, before clicking OK?
  6. I agree that a button at the AT dialog would be the best option. Something like "Query torrent file contents" button, followed by a loading spinner (like suggested above) would be perfect for me. This gives the user an option to start the download right away (as it is today) or wait a few seconds and check the contents of the torrent before starting it. This is very useful to identify fake torrents (passworded .rar file inside) or simply to avoid those torrents with several zipped parts when the next torrent on the list has the complete single file that you want. I'm glad to see that A LOT of people feel annoyed by the current implementation too.