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  1. @Domokun: there is no change in text, so build 26591 is still valid there (same txt for 26591, 26595, 26616).

    Not for me, the 'Show\Hide Plus Information' strings are still in English because the build version hasn't been bumped to 26616 yet.

    EDIT: Seems to be working now (on XP at least).

  2. This has been bugging me for a while now. I've got the 'Start Minimized' option checked, and when Windows starts uTorrent indeed doesn't start with the 'window opened' but just as an icon on the taskbar. However, when I open it (by clicking on the icon on the taskbar), uTorrent doesn't open fully maximized, but almost maximzed. As you can see in this screenshot:

    My question: is there a way you can let uTorrent start minimized (as it does now), but that when you open it, the program is maximized?

  3. Anyone else have problems with µTorrent 3.0 b25440 starting minimized? I have the option checked, but each time I start Windows the µTorrent windows is fully opened. I can still click the maximize button though, so µTorrent becomes even more (like 1 pixel) maximized. This happens on a fresh Windows 7 x64 Ultimate SP1 install.

  4. Okay, about the broken translation thing. In the installer I select I want the Dutch translation, which it then downloads and the complete installer is in Dutch, everything's cool :cool::


    Then I get to see the main µTorrent screen, still completely in Dutch:


    But then when I right click the µTorrent in my tray:


    Houston, we have a problem! :(

    Settings screen:


    Weird 50\50 mix of Dutch and English. :/

    I'm one of the Dutch translators so I know the translation is 100% complete, that's what's so weird about this. I don't know if this happens with other languages too, haven't tested.

    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    µTorrent 2.0.4 (build 22450)

  5. Does it happen with other languages too ? If not - maybe the translation itself is corrupt ?

    I don't know, if people who are German or Norwegian or whatever have this problem too I hope they report it as well. The translation itself is not corrupt because when I manually download the language pack and apply it to µTorrent, it works fine. So something during the downloading of and applying the language during the official µTorrent installation goes wrong.

  6. 2009-12-15: Version 2.1 (build 17687)

    - Fix: streaming related bugs

    - Fix: disconnect issue with seeds

    - Fix: uTP over Teredo at high speeds, and MTU problems on some kinds of networks

    - Fix: Add translations to new graph strings

    2009-12-15: Version 2.1 (build 17618)

    - Change: New default artwork

    - Fix: webui would allow any name for guest account when enabled.

    - Change: Added auto restart feature for use in minimized mode.

    - Change: on Windows 7 default to not minimize to tray

    - Change: tell user about buggy 3rd party software that might degrade uTorrent performance

    - Fix: Added critical section to prevent race conditions in alternate builds

    - Fix: Transfer Cap tab in preferences would display incorrect Uploaded / Downloaded

    - Fix: fixed rare crash when using magnet links

    - Fix: fixed crash when super seeding a torrent without metadata

    - Fix: fixed handling of a uTP edge-case

    - Change: complete upload-only extension support

    - Feature: Add streaming buttons at torrent view and files tab

    - Fix: plugged some string memory leaks

    - Fix: various GUI crash bugs

  7. Firon said:

    New 2.0 out with really fixed HTTPS. tongue It appeared to work in some cases before because usually the response is delivered in one packet. But if it was more than one, it broke.

    This fix will be backported to 1.8.5 too.

    So the fix still has to come to 1.8.5.

  8. -- 2009-06-24: Version 1.8.3 (build 15772)

    - Change: detect nvlsp too (previously it only detected nvappfilter). This means it warns about it and also adjusts the processor affinity like for nvappfilter. This should reduce the crash frequency.

    - Fix: more installer problems on Vista

    The date is wrong (06-24)

  9. -- 2009-06-01: Version 1.8.3 (build 15571)

    - Fix: regression in 15562 that caused frequent crashes

    That was just 1 fix, yet they still mentioned it. Richard Choi already mentioned that there were atleast 2 changes, then it would be nothing more than logical to also put the changelog for that build online? Why keep that information from us, there is no harm in putting a changelog online you know.