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  1. p51x

    µTorrent 3.4 RC

    Lie. It's black !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's AVAILABLE. Question: If already stopped, why I can't rehash torrent?
  2. p51x

    µTorrent 3.4 RC

    2 ciaobaby And what? I know this, the problem is not there... if torrents "stopped by scheduler" and: if torrent "started", it can't be stopped by context menu if torrent "forced", if can be stopped the workaround: forced and sopped
  3. p51x

    µTorrent 3.4 RC

    win7 x64 SP1 + updates Version 3.4 (build 29382) Torrents, stopped by scheduler (but downloaded and uploaded without), can't be "stopped". Only "forced" can be.
  4. p51x

    µTorrent 3.4 RC

    In new build: clck in web browser on link to torrent file -> "It seems like uTorrnet is already running, ..."
  5. p51x

    µTorrent 3.4 RC

    UPD: After: 1. backup Roaming\uTorrent, 2. clean install 3. few starts uTorrent with different combinations original & backup .dat files result - uTorrent work, but settings reset to default + BUG: "stop torrent" requires restart uTorrent
  6. p51x

    µTorrent 3.4 RC

    2013-03-12: Version 3.4 (build 29315) win7 x64 sp1 with all updates µTorrent start, load torrent's list and crash