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  1. Developers, I created this account specifically to post to this thread. I usually do not contribute much to forums but feel strongly about uTorrent's mishandling of magnet link. Due to the increasing lack of .torrent downloads on the web, this needs to be addressed quickly and correctly the first time around. - How uTorrent currently handles magnet links: Currently, when I click on a magnet link, an "Add New Torrent" dialog box displays. This box has three sections, "Save As", "Torrent Options" and "Torrent Contents". Seeing as we do not yet have the torrent, the "Torrent Contents" section is useless, and (arguably) so is the "Torrent Options". Once I hit save, I am no longer notified of any other actions happening within the program. Once uTorrent has gathered the .torrent file from other peers, it immediately start downloading all the contents in the torrent, giving me no option to pick and chose what contents to download. If I want to chose not to downloads contents of the torrent I must either uncheck "Start Torrent" or uncheck files after-the-fact. - How I believe uTorrent should handle magnet links: When I click a magnet link, I want the uTorrent to immediately start fetching the .torrent from peers, either with no indication at all from the UI, or indication from a status bar. Once the .torrent is fetched, a dialog box analogous to the "Add New Torrent" should appear giving me options like where to save, what files to download, and other torrent related options. - Why uTorrent's handling of magnet links is currently flawed In my eyes, the "Add New Torrent" dialog box was mainly designed to handle .torrent files once they are already stored locally. The "Add New Torrent" box does not make sense when looked at through the perspective of magnet links. Some of the options in this box are useless since we do not have information about the files yet (though the .torrent file). I hope you could follow my understanding of the situation. I am a computer enthusiast but to not understand the backbones of the program. My post attempted to be the perspective of an avid user of torrents. I love uTorrent, but is this is not fixed soon, I might have to consider other torrent clients. Please address this promptly. If you need any clarification on what I wrote I will be checking back on this thread frequently and will answer any questions you may have. Thanks