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  1. AAAAANd.... The RSS feeds are STILL broken. All RSS feeds contain the same data... As if each contains the contents of *all* the feeds concatinated together.
  2. The stupid new "antivirus not installed" icon that pops up isn't even right... Say what you will regarding whether or not MS' Security Essentials counts as AV or not, but to me it does. And I have it running... But uTorrent doesn't apparently see it. uTorrent, please stick to your "reason for being written" in the first place... "LIGHT, FAST" client. I don't need uTorrent to act as AV, or even tell me about my AV situation. I'm not liking what I see in uTorrent's future..
  3. I hear you on the risk, but I think it's managed well enough that I'm not worried. As I mentioned, I run the scheduled task elevated, so as to avoid the UAC pop-up, to which I wont be around to "accept" as I'll be sleeping when it is run. Also, as I mentioned, this same flow was working "as-is" in the prior stable.
  4. I believe there is a new bug introduced in the 2.0.3 beta which wasn't there in the last stable build: I have (and always had) a Windows 7 task scheduled for around 2AM to run the following: 1) Kill uTorrent process if up 2) Download some ipfilters etc. 3) Relaunch uTorrent minimized I have the scheduled task set to "Run with highest privileges", as I don't want the Windows UAC to pop-up and stop the steps. Since the new betas, although the above steps work fine, and uTorrent is relaunch, if I click on the uTorrent button in the Windows launch bar, the following error is popped: "It seems uTorrent is already running, but not responding" I AM however able to right click in the *tray* icon (note, not launch bar), and select "Hide/Show uTorrent", and that will result in uTorrent to correctly be brought up to front. In the previous (stable) builds, clicking on the uTorrent icon in the launch bar had the same result if the application was already running. Also note, that I made note of the "Run with highest privileges" above, because that may be the item of importance. If I start uTorrent manually, minimize it, then click on the uTorrent icon in the launch bar, it does come to view! Something has changed in the beta that broke the above for the scheduled task with "highest privileges" setting.