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  1. Totally agree! All I know is that you lot are a very smart bunch and know all the language etc. necessary to find your way, while as a stupid, clueless greenie like myself has to lumber about twiddling with things they do NOT know the first thing about. I guess that means that uTorrent will be forever useless to me since I cannot get fast, efficient downloads OR uploads either one. It takes 24 hours for me to download a 1.5 hr. movie and forget about seeding...... Seeding is damned near impossible and takes DAYS to get anything done. I WANT to help by seeding, but uTorrent actually does NOT allow me to seed! I have made sure that firewalls etc. are not stopping uTorrent. I have cleaned caches and scanned for viruses and done everything I can to keep my computer friendly and non-hostile to uTorrent. I check my network connections faithfully. I have been dealing with uTorrent glitches, sluggishness and dead ends since I first downloaded UTorrent 6 months ago. It also appears to have little or nothing to do with the number of SE/LE s per the selected download! All I can do is scrape uTorrent out and reload the latest model again, and again, and again...... which doesn't improve anything. UTorrent would be a lot more popular and profitable if it were simple enough for a 'tard like me to use..... but no -- it would seem it is only for those who have "special" knowledge and abilities. I suspect I will have to give up on this or any other torrent client for good, since the product is not dumbed down enough for me. Do any of the designers of uTorrent client ever read anything from dissatisfied and unhappy users? Or do the just think "screw those clueless noobs and peasants?" Because I wonder.