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  1. Well to be honest after reading through this thread I do have the smallest hope for utorrent, which I did not have when I came to this post from torrentfreak's website. I've been a user for years and have to say 99% of what 3.x brought to the product I found completely useless vs. the bloat, bugs and performance hit that came with it. While I've already turned off updating in my client to make sure I don't get the ad version shoved down my throat. I think something that could be very successful for you is to create a paid version that is in the spirit of the 2.x series of the product. I'd pay for a lean, fast, bug-free, media player free, antivirus free, media converter free, etc...... version of utorrent, where I would never even remotely consider paying a penny for the 3.x bloatware "so called plus" version, nor would I EVER click an ad that is forced on me. The reality is the original uTorrent died when BitTorrent took it over, the development team that took it over had a completely different vision and goal than what the original uTorrent client had. Hopefully you guys really do read feedback and will be able to salvage this product that has been slipping faster and faster downhill. It'll take some major adjustments (and cramming ads down peoples throats isn't the kind of adjustments you'll need to save this once great "best" client). I really do feel that creating another "version/flavor" of uTorrent is what could end up keeping you on top. Offering up a "lean" no-frills, small, fast client could be very viable as even a paid for product with the ad-supported "bloated version" being what the 3.x line is today and then the paid for "super bloated" version being the plus client that you have today. Just my 2 cents, now that I have upgrades turned off in utorrent I'm off to test out deluge and tixati to see how well they perform.