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  1. I'm running the same version in a vm as well as 3.13 26837 in another. Seeding ~900+ torrents in both with no issues. Likely not utorrent but something in your setup or OBT. Try using/adding some other udp trackers. IFar
  2. User13, it only takes effect on new torrents, not existing torrents. IFar
  3. Rafi, it starts to nest the downloads too. C:\DL\TORRENT1\TORRENT2\TORRENT3\TORRENT4. So definately a small bug. IFar
  4. Windows 8 Consumer Preview 64 bit. :lol:
  5. It's the way uTorrent handles magnet link. The devs are working/thinking about changing how the links are handled. Using the search function here in the forums and putting in +magnet +files you'll see the topic has been beaten to death IFar
  6. To see(d) more than 4,294,967,295 torrents of course Ifar