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  1. Yeah, this used to be settable in 3.1.1 early releases... Maybe 3.2 will have this setting as well I wonder why this setting should be needed at all... Normal priority works fine, just don't change it. I have CPU load at 99-100% almost all of the time (video encoding and all that stuff) and if I don't change uTorrent thread's priority, weird things happen - it shows "Disk overloaded 100%" even if there is no drive activity at all, that poor thread just waits forever in a queue
  2. Yes' date=' this needs to be fixed ASAP, for me makes this client unusable. At least could we get an update on the problem?[/quote'] There is another solution instead of playing with diskio.use_partfile etc. Run Process Hacker, find uTorrent.exe in a list of processes, right click -> Properties, go to Threads tab, find a thread with the lowest priority and set both Priority and I/O Priority to Normal. Works perfectly, don't know why the developers did that... Well, these steps should be performed every time uTorrent is started, but since I restart uTorrent once a week at most, it's fine for me