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  1. Rafi, your "Latest v3.4 Beta/RC" gives a dead link. Bug report of another kind!
  2. I don't think piling up on features is something that's even necessary at this point in bittorrent development. The hugest problem by far, longterm thinking, with popular applications is that they somewhy start getting really complex without a real need to: "eventually all of them have e-mail clients." Scattering new features along multiple parallel releasing paths is troublesome - I think that way should only be used for important bug fixing. Google Chrome's beta channel at least does perform a lot of invisible testing and trial run branching despite there being just four release channels. You can see with Process Explorer that there're many finicky trial-related parameters that the separate Chrome bits are started with. Anyway. I think integrating a changelist into the application itself is a good idea. Feedback implementation for uTorrent would be, well, potentially good. I dunno if it's a privacy issue if it'd autoupload torrent lists or other metrics along crash dumps or something, but I could certainly make do with that. There's an abuse potential for such an implementation, though, or the possibility of becoming absolutely swamped with bug reports, so I'm not saying it's a cure-all. I hope I'm making sense.
  3. I'm glad the number of torrents in the label listing is now corrected. The 3.4 branch has been excellent all the way - not counting some minor GUI glitching, I haven't had issues that didn't get fixed in a two day time at all. Keep up the good work! (This thread is kind of getting really negative, you know.)
  4. That's how "µTorrent" now reads everywhere in the preferences menu.
  5. I think it would be worthwhile to make the font size that recently got dropped user-configurable. I'm getting used to the small font (large screen, haha) but it's probably not to everyone's liking.
  6. Well, this was a nice fix. No need for deleting the settings, either.
  7. Well' date=' just this issue makes this release - "for testing only", since eventually, when they'll fix it, you'll find yourself not being able to use your previous broken settings... So, don't complain about that later on... [/quote'] Heh. I'm not about to complain about an already-established glitch in a pre-beta testing build.
  8. Mine does. Unlike Mysteoa, though, I haven't seen memory hogging except if I disable diskio.flush_files (duh
  9. Can't confirm this happening on mine.
  10. Does µT 3.3 b27454 have any sort of write caching enabled? When downloading, µT writes on the hard drive all the time and I don't see anything much happening in the write portion of the speed -> disk statistics tab.
  11. Are you sure? I was given the impression that "Too many PEX messages" bans aren't the same thing as "corrupted block received" bans, nor are they controlled with the same advanced option.
  12. Hey, is there anything I as a user can do to this sea of "Banning peer: too many PEX messages since x" bans I get almost constantly? When I leave uTorrent on to do its thing for the night, I wake up to arrive to at least fifty instances of PEX bans having been served in the morning. Most of the bans go to uTorrent 3.1.x clients! I don't think this is how it's supposed to be. Anyway, I scoured the forum for info on this, but the only things I saw were "Oh, we fixed this in 2.x" and "Are you using an especially low downstream cap?" -- well, I know I'm not. My downstream cap is at two megabytes (not bits) per second and the upload at 1.2MB/s. I'm currently using µT 3.2 b27026, but this thing has been going on with all preceding builds for months. An example message: [2012-04-20 05:22:05] [iPv6name]:61911 [uTP](torrentname): [µTorrent 3.1.2 (79.6)]: Banning peer: too many pex messages. 5 since Fri Apr 20 05:22:05 2012
  13. This is the same branch of builds as the last 3.1.2 was, right, just with a version number hike?