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  1. "Remove And Delete .torrent" works very slow. (few minutes freeze) Frustrating. What's going on? 2.2.1 works fine. 3.1.* has the same problem.
  2. This a KNOWN issue I guess... for a LONG time.... 1. The WORKAROUND I use is to remove that torrent from uTorrent & rename the completed torrent directory to something else. 2. Then enable Pre-allocate all files. 3. Re-add that torrent & start the transfer and after a minute the entire "size" of the original torrent has now been allocated on hard disk. 4. Next do a force re-check on this Pre-allocatted torrent. 5. Your completion percent should be negligibly small, 0.01% or less. 6. Now over-write the Pre-allocatted files with the completed files, then do a force re-check AGAIN... 7. You will see that it will now check to completion 8. You can now continue to re-seed your torrent. I know it is a PAIN, but this issue seems to ONLY affect certain torrents with very specific characteristics... They introduced this BUG quite awhile ago in their version 3.x, I guess... Alot of Asian torrents with CJK filenames will also produce this BUG... hence, most/many asian sites has moved away from using uTorrent. Good Luck.. build 27167 Exactly same problem here and I do not download CJK torrents. And force re-check hangs uTorrent. So which version is truly latest "stable"?