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  1. I agree with almost all of what you said 100%. I would disagree that 158mb is not a lot. The entire Holy Bible is 3mb when converted to a ZIP file. My resume.dat file is 31 mb.. which is STILL the equivalent of 10 bibles. I have roughly 8000 torrents. That comes out to about 4000 characters worth of information for EACH torrent! That is clearly a problem. There is no reason why a single torrent should be more than 100 bytes, which would result in a Resume.dat of 800k.. less than 1mb! It could be.. that they have allocated far too large of a fixed size for each record in the DAT file. In your case, each torrent is using roughly 20,000 characters worth of information. But that gets back to the big problem.. it doesn't seem like anybody is listening!
  2. I tried installing Tribler, but my computer blocked it with various warnings and errors. I have been using Qbittorrent for about a week, and love it. Take a look at these speeds with Qbittorrent.. it is FAST! I have downloaded a 7.5 gb file in 6 minutes which is an average of 21mb / second. It got as fast as 32mb / sec.
  3. joshace

    I need help

    I thought piratebay got banned months ago.... that link does not work for me. Does it work for anybody else?
  4. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    I actually believed that Utorrent 3.5.5 build 45952 finally fixed the problem of randomly dissociating files - which causes all sorts of problems. I got my database of torrents 100% fixed, which took nearly a week to accomplish. 7800 torrents running just fine. But then.. for no reason.. without a crash.. about 900 of them lost their associations again. I give up! Qbittorrent seems to be the most promising replacement for Utorrent/Bittorrent. They just updated to version and there is a 64 bit version. Rafi and a couple of others have been doing a fantastic job of making Utorrent work as best it can, and helping people overcome problems. The fact that Rafi's repeated pleas for a 64 bit version have been ignored - tells me that Utorrent is never going to solve it's problems. I am keeping utorrent on my computer, but I won't be using it to download new torrents. I will use it to seed old torrents, and probably phase it out completely in about a year. Microsoft Windows operating system and Facebook are also loaded with errors that will probably never be fixed. It's interesting that in TV shows and in movies, computers are always shown working flawlessly, with no delays - yet in reality.. we get shit. Microsoft makes untold billion$ off of it's crappy software, even though you don't buy it directly, every computer product you purchase is forced to pay royalties to Microsoft. Even if your computer doesn't run Windows, computer manufacturers STILL have to pay Microsoft for every motherboard they produce. It's great to have a monopoly! Likewise with Facebook. All facebook cares about is collecting and verifying your name, mobile phone number, location, email addresses and any other information that is none of their business, so that they can sell it to advertisers, marketers, investigators, government agencies, and anybody else that will pay for it. Facebook even does their best to prevent you from using your own database of friends and followers to do anything. Their lists are not alphabetical, not consistent, and unusable. If Qbittorrent has big problems, I will let you know. So far, I am very impressed with Qbittorrent. It is very smooth and fast, and doesn't lock up or crash. The one tiny problem I found is that if you have a torrent that contains multiple files, but you choose to skip some of them.. everything is fine UNLESS you then add those files later. To fix it, you must remove the torrent (making sure you don't remove the files as well) and then add the torrent back and re-check it. This is a very minor problem that I am sure they will fix. Most people never skip files within a torrent - and when they do, they don't add them back - so they would never notice this error.
  5. Sometimes I download torrents which are a folder of hundreds of files. For instance, it might have one MP4 file and 300 JPG files. I tell Utorrent to download JUST the MP4 file, and "don't download" the 300 jpg files. Utorrent then shows a priority of SKIP next to those 300 files. The problem is.. that Utorrent downloads bits of those 300 skipped files anyway - which creates a lot of clutter.
  6. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    Do you agree, that the only thing necessary to make this a "native 64-bit version" is to take the same code, and compile it with a 64 bit compiler instead of an ancient 32 bit compiler?
  7. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    There is a way to fix the digital signature, but that is not necessary. Ideally, Utorrent will eventually have the LAA flag enabled. I don't think X86 processors are even manufactured anymore.. so unless someone is buying a 40 year old computer from Aunt Fannie's garage sale that is covered with spider webs and rat droppings.. nobody should be running a computer that doesn't have the 64 bit version of Windows on it.
  8. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    If someone is still running x86.. then screw them. ALTHOUGH.. There is some very poorly written software out there that CHECKS to see what version of Windows is running, and if it is NOT x86, then the software will not run! The people who wrote that ancient software never considered that in the future x64 would exist, so even thought any previous software can run on X64.. the software BLOCKS it. // Also.. small software companies are extremely cheap.. and an x64 compiler costs a lot more than an x86 compiler. So they compile it on an x86 compiler. The performance of x64 over x86 isn't that significant anyway.
  9. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    Regardless of how many torrents you have... how many torrents are you SEEDING? // What is stopping you from using betas? I only had one version that refused to run.. and that was build 48538 // by the way.. I am not sure, but it seems like the torrents that become disassociated begin with letters at the end of the alphabet OR begin with a "[" // There is more to this than a simple fix.. some issues are: why does it happen in the first place? what causes it?; what can be done to prevent it?; how can the disassociated torrents be fixed? ; which builds are "friendly"?. Fixing the problem torrents is a complicated task in itself.
  10. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    I finally got all my 7845 torrents - with ZERO dissociated torrents/files. It was not easy! I am using build 45918. It did not completely fix itself, however earlier builds didn't allow me to fix some torrents at all. My primary goal now is to verify that this does not happen AGAIN. I think I know what caused it, and how to prevent it... but once they become dissociated, it requires some "tricks" to re-associate them. I am glad I got them working again.. because I did NOT want to migrate over to a different client. I still wish the developers would set the LAA bit without the modification being made for every build.
  11. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    Well, I did read the helpfile.. but I searched under "/recover" when I should have searched for "encapsulated" I will give that a shot. I'm also working on ways to prevent Utorrent from getting bogged down in the first place. I've had a lot of success in repairing disassociated torrents, but I am still working on preventing MORE disassociated torrents from occurring.
  12. What is the difference between: Start / Seeding and Force Start / [F] Seeding ??? I've been using Utorrent for the past 100 years, and I still don't know.
  13. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    I just tried the /recover option.. which I never knew existed. So far, it confuses me. It just opened up a 2nd instance of Utorrent with the exact same database of 7643 torrents. I expected the /recover instance to be empty of all torrents so I could start like new...
  14. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    Renaming .exe files doesn't affect anything. I never heard of the "/recover" feature. I will have to take a look at that. I was thinking along the lines of a programs that allow for multiple accounts.. for instance.. a single program where when you start it, you select WHICH account to use: such as a specific employee, or as I suggested a database made up of torrents of just a particular year. // Torrents work because of "generous" people. Far too many people just leech what they want, and then go offline or remove the files. The more leechers there are, the more bogged down the servers get, and files wind up vanishing or taking far too long to complete.
  15. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    Bad news.. 45918 still has problems.. but I have not given up on it yet. ===== Update.. I think what I will do is rather than migrate all my torrents to another client. I will stop using Utorrent and start using another client for my future torrenting. If that client is buggy... I will migrate the new torrents to Utorrent. One warning about that.. if you choose to use Bittorrent which is published by the same company, it will use the same database - and Bittorrent has substantial problems of it's own. === By the way.. Utorrent should have a feature where you can have MULTIPLE databases.. so that when one gets thousands of torrents, instead of getting bogged down, you can go to another database. Having a separate database for every year would be a good idea. Everybody's database is constantly growing. What is someone supposed to do when their database is too large for them to manage?