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  1. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    I have the main window open
  2. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    I'm running 7111 torrents.. and it is not crashing
  3. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    I mentioned a few hours ago that I had a torrent that was showing as an error which I could not remove. I was finally able to remove it.. here is what I did... I moved all the files in the folder to another location. (This step might not have been necessary) THEN I found the torrent file, and renamed it to have an extension of .ERROR instead of .TORRENT Then I shut Utorrent down and started it up again. Now it was complaining that it could not find the torrent... I then renamed the torrent back to it's original name, shut down Utorrent, started it up again.. and everything was back to normal other than the files were gone. I moved the files back, and did a re-check.. and everything is perfect. If this happens again, I will try skipping the step of moving the files to another location.
  4. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    I do have the duration column.. but quite often, that entry is blank.
  5. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    The current version - 45852 - is the first version I can recall that has no problems at all. I have ONE wish though. It would be nice if the DURATION off all videos would be revealed. Some of them are. I often have multiple copies of the same video in different sizes and/or different names which are the same video other than their codec / quality / name. Revealing the DURATION of every video would go a long way to assisting me in deleting duplicates, deleting poor quality versions of videos, and deleting excessively large copies of videos.
  6. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    I think what you are referring to is that if you use the INSTALLER, it OFFERS you a load of shareware, all of which you can decline. You can avoid the offers of shareware entirely by replacing just the utorrent.exe file. I am using the LAA version of 3.5.5 build 45832 - and this is the first version that I have had NO problems with at all! I should also mention that I have 7044 Torrents loaded into my Utorrent...
  7. Thanks themov! I checked and it was already set to TRUE which is the default. It doesn't always grab the first pieces first though.
  8. Sometimes, I want to increase the UPLOAD LIMIT or decrease the DOWNLOAD LIMIT under "Bandwidth Allocation" It seems like changing the Bandwidth Allocation itself works properly, BUT.. trying to override that by changing the LIMITS does nothing. I just changed the download limit to 1K but it was downloading at 3M.. (3000 times faster than it should have).
  9. The first pieces of a torrent are not always downloaded first. That means, I can have a 6 GB movie that I am downloading, which I can't preview until it's nearly complete or fully complete. If the first few pieces were downloaded first (the headers), then I would be able to find out the duration of the movie, and identify it. Back in the olden days.. I recall there was a setting someplace that allowed one to give priority to the first and last pieces of a torrent. I don't see that option anymore. I think the header file is necessary to determine what codec is needed to play the movie. Of course, downloading the entire movie sequentially would defeat the purpose of torrenting.. but I would really like the FIRST few pieces downloaded first, so I can avoid downloading things I don't really want. For instance.. some screwballs intentionally upload massive files, with deceptive names, just to get their ratios up. When I download what is labeled as a 10 GB Blue Ray version of "Mary Poppins" and it turns out to be a documentary about basket weaving in Bangladesh.. I'm not happy.
  10. Under OPTIONS / PREFERENCES / ADVANCED / DISK CACHE There are various settings for automatic cache size, etc. It would be nice to know what cache size is being automatically taken, to give me a clue on how much disk cache to assign when overriding the automatic cache size.
  11. On the line "Name, #, Size, Selected Size, Completed, Downloaded, Remaining, Status, Health, Down Speed, Up Speed, ETA, Seeds, Peers, etc." it would be nice to have a column for DURATION of a video. I realize that not all videos have an extractable duration, but most do. This would be very helpful in getting rid of duplicate videos that have different sizes / resolutions / names, but the same DURATION. Some sites post the same videos in 4 different resolutions but with the exact same duration at different qualities. I don't like the tiny one's which tend to be fuzzy and blurry.. nor do I like the one's that are excessively large. There are 34 categories now.. 1 more wouldn't hurt! Or.. replace one of the existing 34 categories such as Debug or Episode ==================================================== I happen to prefer 720p for almost everything, and don't like to have videos larger than 1080p nor smaller than 480p.
  12. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    installing bittorrent, and then going back to utorrent fixed it. I don't notice that any changes have been made to the preferences, or advance preferences. A weird thing is that it was working find with 45838, but then had the problem when replaced the utorrent.exe file with the 45842 build.. and continued to have the problem when I went back to the 45838 build. I have a feeling that fixing it might be even easier than installing bittorrent (and then reverting to Utorrent). I think it might be possible that if I just UNassociated Utorrent with torrent files, and then re-associated Utorrent with torrent files, that would have fixed it. I think the fact that I installed bittorent was inconsequential. Anyway... I'm now running 45842 with the LAA flag set, and everything is working fine. If this problem shows up again, I will try the "unassociate" and "re-associate" theory. Should I remove my comments about this problem, since apparently nobody else has the problem? .. or maybe they do, but just don't comment about it? Bittorrent has some nasty problems of it's own.. that I don't want to be bothered with.. so I just stick with Utorrent.
  13. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    I found a fix for the "Space error" problem. I installed bittorrent (which choked on the dat files itself) but then opened up Utorrent again.. and re-associated torrent files with Utorrent.. and now it works.
  14. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    The torrent files are not corrupt. I can take any torrent file name.. remove the spaces and they work. I can take any torrent file name with no spaces.. add a space.. and they generate errors.