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  1. 3.5.x Beta

    a long time ago.. utorrent came bundled with a load of embedded games. I didn't mind that, but most other people hated it. The only other torrent client that I would suggest people use is Bittorrent, which is made by the same company and 100% clone of Utorrent, but is coded differently. I use bittorrent to download / leech files, then autosave the torrent files to a directory which utorrent automatically loads the completed torrents.. and utorrent uploads / seeds the files.
  2. 3.5.x Beta

    My guess is that an html video player was removed? I'm just guessing.
  3. 3.5.x Beta Where did you get that? It must be an alpha? I'm now running beta My updates.dat file is only 1,861 in size. What is that file for? Would there be any reason not to delete it? From what I can see.. it's just a log of installs with no function at all.
  4. Running utorrent 3.54 44793 One of the completed torrents in my list could not be removed, nor removed with data, etc. I couldn't re-check it either. Force-start, start, none of the typical tricks fixed it. Shutting down the program and restarting usually fixes such quirks, but even that didn't work this time. The ultimate solution was to highlight the name in my list, and change the name.. THEN it allowed me to remove it. Odd quirk!
  5. Configuration file swap

    A utorrent genius gave me a link to his configuration file last year. That fixed all sorts of problems for me. What would be the filename of it? The setting that interests me the most is the one that allows the panels on the left to be squashed to being very slim. I wonder if the same file would work with Bittorrent. I use Bittorrent to DOWNLOAD files, and when they complete they get auto loaded by Utorrent to SEED. That way I can easily turn off all my completed files.. or turn off all my incomplete files. Here are screen caps of the slim mode I want.. and the wide mode that I'm trying to get rid of.
  6. Not downloading at all, but Tix*** is

    PROBLEM SOLVED The problem was not a setting, but the transfers were being "jammed" due to an error. The error was due to files being moved to their final location, but the location remained the same.. so it kept looking for files that were no longer where expected. That probably happened because the database was out of sync with the moved files.. possibly due to a temporary disconnect from the external hard drive. Anyway.. the FIX is to STOP all torrents.. That will reveal which torrents are in an error state and fix the problem. After the problem is fixed, you can re-check the error torrents - moving files manually if necessary - and start or Force Start whatever torrents you want. I would suggest a fix for this since very few people will find the solution. -- Whenever Utorrent is exited, it should automatically stop all torrents (or otherwise check for missing files) and then restart the torrents.. and then shut down... forcing the database to be in a "valid" state.
  7. Not downloading at all, but Tix*** is

    I installed BITTORRENT which has the exact same features and settings.. and it WORKED. I am going through the settings of Utorrent trying to figure out which setting is the problem.
  8. Not downloading at all, but Tix*** is

    YES.. the slackware torrent DID download... why would that one work while my others do not? =========================================== It's strange. I've used Utorrent for years and never had this problem Torrents no longer download at all with my Utorrent, but when I load them with Tix*** they do download. I can then import them by re-checking them with Utorrent, and they successfully upload / seed.
  9. Using Utorrent 3.5.4 build 44520 Everything seems to be fine, except that torrents no longer DOWNLOAD They just sit there at 0% with a status of "finding peers" My UPLOADING is working fine, so I am seeding a lot of files. For the fast few days, I have been using TIX*** to get the downloads, and then doing a "force recheck" to import them into Utorrent. I don't like using Tix*** because it is extremely bare bones and other than downloading is very user unfriendly and lacks functionality.
  10. Sometimes I have a multi-part torrent in which some files are missing. Typically a movie with JPGs. Even though I KNOW the movie file is complete, It shows up as only being about 99% complete because the jpgs are missing. It is as if the headers of the individual parts have overlapping headers. I realize that without all the parts complete, the full torrent will not show up as complete, but the individual movie file contained in the torrent is showing up as being incomplete when I know it is complete.
  11. My Utorrent pane suddently went from 2 panes to one.. and I did every trick in the book to fix it, including deleting the settings.dat file and regenerating the default.  That didn't fix it. 

    What DID fix it was downloading Rafi's settings. dat file.   That fixed the problem and also improved other things quite a bit.  I am now tweaking Rafis settings to suit my own needs. 

    What puzzles me is.. I have no idea what settings are in Rafi's settings.dat file that make it work right.  I don't see anything about pane controls.  I have seen dozens of people posting about the same problem for years.  

    I would like to know how to fix that problem instead of having to replace my settings with a transfusion of Rafi's settings. 

    1. rafi


      Glad to hear it helped you. Screenshot (including menu->options)? Usually F4->F7 control the panes. Two monitors setup can sometimes be an issue...

    2. joshace


      Thanks for the tips, but it wasn't any of that.  

      One of these days I will compare the defective settings.dat file with the one you posted.  You made some other improvements in the appearance that I can't find in the settings.  I backed up the defective one.  I think my cat screwed up the settings when he was stomping on my keyboard.  

      One setting you have set, which I did not like is that torrents don't start downloading automatically.  

    3. rafi


      >One setting you have set, which I did not like is that torrents don't start downloading automatically.  

      I like that  since I start them automatically using RSS downloader or using Medusa TV app . But I think you might be right, it is better to set to auto-run for other users. I'll make a note to change it on that file... 


  12. 3.5.x Beta

    The problem with the ads in the free-ad version is fixed again in 3.5 build 43534.. which is curious.. because it's the same build. The program didn't change, but the ads stopped popping up. I love utorrent.. and the charge to get the ad-free version is well worth it (when it works)... however, that ad engine makes the "free" version essentially "crippleware". There is no reason why those ads should take up 57% of my cpu and 700 megs of memory. It should be less than 1% of cpu.. and at most 1 meg of memory.
  13. 3.5.x Beta

    I'm running Utorrent Ad-Free 3.5 build 43534 32-bit.. and the ads have returned again.. Webhelper (utorrentie.exe) is the ad generator, and I've seen it take up to 57% of the CPU and 800 megs of memory. That is outrageous. See attached snip.