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  1. Yes' date=' and add_dialog_hist seems fixed now, but it still doesn't retain the trailing "\" in the folders, making it change to the directory above every time the Add dialog opens. (ie. G:\Temp\TVEps -> G:\Temp -> G:).[/quote'] I can't repro your bug with path components being stripped. Are you on 27026? If so, please give me steps to reproduce this issue and clarify how you're adding the torrents (magnet links, add by URL, torrent from your browser, etc). I just found out this bug too, using 27026. When you add a torrent (mine was from torrent file), if the input path has trailing \, such as c:\utorrent\, it will be saved correctly. If c:\utorrent is typed as the path, the history entry will become c:\ instead of c:\utorrent And of course the history does not have the mentioned entry in the first place.
  2. The "save in" history in the "Add New Torrent" dialog keeps growing even if it's already in the list.