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  1. I'm using latest version on Nokia n8. Seems that there is some problem with large number of torrents (if 170 is large?) i get error something along the lines "error 400, check ip, array index out of bounds exception, array index out of range: 512". Seems that it worked well when I had around 160 torrents
  2. Hi, Sharpoblunto, I made connection to my webui go through ssl and stunnel. Is it possible to add support for ssl?
  3. Hi, thanks a lot, mr sharpoblunto. Downloading now.
  4. Hi, good little app. I mainly use this app to connect to my home server to pause all torrents before connecting with RDP or ORB. My server is behind home router with dynamic IP. Can I propose some additional functions? - can you add "Pause All", "Resume All" ? - is it possible to resolve IP from the server name (like solnyshok.dyndns.info)? - a small bug - torrents with cyrillic letters in their names, do not show correctly in the list (empty rectangle boxes instead of letters.) Thank you again.
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