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  1. Very minor display bug: if you add a 1 file torrent via magnet link the check box to create a sub-folder is greyed out (which is correct behaviour I believe) but the box is checked, it should be un-checked and greyed out. edit: well, if you add from a .torrent file the check box is not greyed out, so it's inconsistent
  2. Ah, finally got it working by copying the 3.3.1 beta into %appdata%\Roaming\uTorrent\updates, naming it 6807110.exe, and editing updates.dat to point at 6807110.exe instead of 6807109.exe edit: looks like it marked the updates.dat I edited as bad and replaced it without the entry for 6807109.exe
  3. I am running the beta downloaded from this thread.
  4. I'd be mighty impressed if anyone can explain this screenshot. And no, I'd not photoshopped
  5. I had 3.4 alpha installed. Uninstalled it, downloaded this, and when I run this it starts 3.4 alpha again. I used task manager to find the location of the executable it's running and it's in the appdata folder. So I deleted that and ran the downloaded 3.3.1 again and the 3.4 alpha starts up again and reappears in appdata. What do? edit: there's nothing in my usual install location other than temps of old builds. When I was running 3.4 alpha, every time I started it, it would show me the install setup. Now every time I have tried to run 3.3.1 beta it just goes straight to 3.4 alpha, no install screens.