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  1. Nointall/autoupdate functionality broken

    WOW! -- worked like a charm. Thank you! Another question: I suppose you're extracting those "payloads" on a constant basis? -- is there some topic to monitor for new versions?
  2. Hello, Tried to upgrade to version 3.5.1-44332 recently. As usual I've put it to already existing/working "environment" -- directory with settings.dat (and everything). As usual I've started it with "/recover" option. But (not "as usual") this time some strange "Setup Wizard" appeared. https://imgur.com/a/WNzhi Best regards...
  3. That is the reason why I'm asking _knowing_ people -- what happened here...
  4. Hello, Any news on fixing this bug? -- I see that uTorrent deliberately requesting admin rights (for some strange reason) starting from some 3.5 version. Best regards...
  5. >>> You shouldn't install from the Limited user account that should be still done from the Admin Why that wasn't the case for 3.4? -- it worked just fine under non-admin account. And, BTW, I'm not "installing" anything -- putting uTorrent.exe into existing "environment" supposed to invoke "portable" mode.
  6. I already have working (in non-admin mode) environment with 3.4 (with D:\uTorrent). And now -- when I put new version into the same location -- uTorrent raises that UAC dialog for admin. And no: no options to "install for all users".
  7. Hello! Any news on fixing this bug? -- tried to upgrade to 3.5.1_44332 after a while -- and uTorrent requested admin privileges. And it refuses to run without those Best regards...
  8. >>> You can make sure if is not still trying to install itself - by renaming the utorrent dir in your %appdata% path (if there is one). How this step helps to "make sure" anything? -- I'm pressing "Cancell" in that dialog. >>> Other than that - this is not uTorrnet issue, How come? -- "old version" works just fine in that "environment". >>> you might want to use one of the Win tricks from here: In all those "tricks" "run as admin" was allowed -- I have no such intentions...
  9. >>> Yes - means you've checked the settings files are there, or you have deducted this from using the older version there? "yes" means that I checked that files are there >>> Anyway, if all is files are local there is no need for /noinstall. It shouldn't do that. That's why I'm asking, actually... -- when I'm starting it "as usual" (with "/recover" switch) -- UAC prompt appears.
  10. yes -- previous version was working just fine in that location. The only thing changed -- I put newly-downloaded uTorrent.exe into that directory.
  11. Greetings, Tried to update to 3.5.1_44332 (from 3.4.7_42330) -- simply downloaded new version, copied-over it to usual location (D:\torrent), removed "downloaded" security flag, and started new version with "noinstall" switch (uTorrent.exe /NOINSTALL) -- and UAC prompt (i.e. specify admin password) appeared... Is it possible to bypass this somehow? Best regards...