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  1. Using v2.2.1 because of the same reasons listed above. uTorrent was supposed to be a extremely lightweighted torrent program and it seem like the ones that bought it forgot that part and only see $$. I wouldn't touch 3.x versions ever and compare it to malware. There is a reason that most private torrentsites doesn't allow utorrent newer than 2.x. It's sad how they managed to ruin the greatest torrent program in such a short time...
  2. Tried this version since it's release now and now I had enough. Sorry to see how you keep screwing this up. Since you "improved" the UI it has just gone downhill for this once lite-weight torren program. I say my farewell and just hope I'll find some other torrent program out there that's more like uTorrent were before it went down to this low level. You satisfied people keep enjoy this and byé from me...