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  1. Hi. Where's your icon from? Looks cute :3

  2. Furryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  3. Your icons so cuuuuuuuuuuuute~

  4. Or it's an incoming connection and McAfee is blocking it before it gets to µTorrent which would then block it. Your log does not specify the nature of that connection.
  5. I imagine the BEE can purge it, though it'll only come back if that is indeed the case.
  6. meatloaf, wouldn't mind some sexy guys showing up ;;3 Adding to what rafi said, no sounds and no animated to grab attention ads.
  7. DWK' date=' a lot of car accidents stem from drivers stupidity. That's why car manufacturers install air-bags, seat belts, ABS's etc. And it's not always user stupidity because in many cases, the trackers are already in the torrents. Designers have to design stable products for everyone (including drivers, pedestrians, users, trackers) and I don't see a reason to blame the users.[/quote'] Safety mechs don't make users less stupid, just less prone to dicking up the works. Filtering isn't free, bandwidth and CPU are still consumed, and that hits the wallet as well. Ugly! It's been pointed out to me on that 404's may be generated by middlemen. Still' date=' I think a higher timeout or not even bothering would be appropriate, especially if [i']plenty of other trackers are functional. Beating off a dead horse the original multitracker spec was to (basically) hit up only one tracker at a time, but the "solution" to a large chunk of peers potentially being crap? Hit a tracker in every tier, no matter how many tiers exist!
  8. Kitsoran

    µTorrent WebUI

    1. If you want the WebUI communication encrypted you'll have to roll your own solution.
  9. BT Inc is the opposite of Google when it comes to project status XD
  10. It's per session. If the data is bad and the torrent in health then forever makes perfect sense.
  11. Old versions leave you vulnerable. My choice would be to toss a lightweight Linux distro on older equipment, though 133MHz could be a bit tough. Now I wanna buy a 133MHz laptop from work just to try it XD I wonder if swapping the XP dll with the 2000 DLL is possible, my understanding is 2000 and XP are rather close. Hm.. Edit: Wonder if my understanding is wrong, or if XP just comes with a lot of something, 'cause w2k is sooooooo fast to install.
  12. You might have better results if you disabled TCP, since TCP is regulated based on uTP data but not perfectly compared to letting uTP streams regulate themselves. I had very good results running in uTP only mode in the 1.9 days.
  13. PE w/ DLL list and HJT (see bug reporting sticky for instructions).