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  1. It is not only with the .EXE files that Utorrent do that. If it is only one file to be downloaded the extension will disappear. In the name field you must put the name you want the file to have and its respective extension. No problem with multi file download except for the fact that the name field will correspond to the folder name without possibility to change the individual files names. Sad.
  2. I don't understand what's the deal with the magnet links. It is just to wait a little time to the info load after open the magnet and choose the files you want. It is simple and it is the same (except for the wait) as with the torrents.The advance dialogue must be enable with magnets as well as with torrents. It is the same to me :/.
  3. I wouldn't wanted to change the 27180 version for the later releases for, as well as stable 3.1, they take my CPU usage to 50% once in a while. That was (is) annoying. 27180 doesn't do that, alpha 3.3 neither (I don't use the current versions since a while). And every new release after 27180 (I probed them all) had this problem. Actually, the current version 27295 have it. But I was really glad to see that the release 27297 doesn't have it. Finally I could update beta Utorrent to the latest version without being forced to downgrade again because the malfunctioning. You should see what makes the CPU to work fine in 27297 against 27295. Is a problem of my computer? So, why every time I uninstall the annoying versions and come back to 27180 everything goes fine, and I can install and uninstall changing through every version and the only ones that work fine are the mentioned, and some previous 3.2 (27180) versions that worked fine too. :/