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  1. Almost a year without updates... seriously? I was worried about the move to paid solutions and now it just confirms it - lesser projects just get cast away. According to some posts before a lot of code is shared so it should be progressing at the same speed as other platforms but is it? I still have high CPU usage problems and outdated official webui interface. What about a non-server version? I still have some hope to see some progress in the near future but it is getting smaller and smaller
  2. LOL! I searched everywhere and never thought of right-clicking them thanks moogly
  3. Er... After upgrade I lost graph and pieces tabs :S Where can I enable them back?
  4. T-155: test the crashfix builds in the previous page
  5. to get other versions you just have to change the link manually
  6. ok... I'll do it right now EDIT: this just got weirder :S Now if I try to run it without the /BIGDUMP it just shows this message: If I click OK this just keeps showing and I have to kill the process to stop it. Then if I use the /BIGDUMP argument then it just shows this: This time if I click OK it won't appear again and utorrent process is ended as expected. BTW, I have win 7 x64... EDIT2: Just rebooted and now it managed to create the big dump... going to upload it now EDIT3: mail sent
  7. 18803 crashes at startup as well (crash dump uploaded). back to 18750.
  8. Just updated to the newest version (build 18790) and now i can't even open it :S It just crashes on program launching... I sent the crash dump where can I get the previous build? I really need it :S EDIT: duh! since it's not already here then i just need to download this one XD
  9. DreadWingKnight: not the same... It just "forgets" that there is a .torrent file to add. It just opens utorrent with the previous torrents, without the new torrent and the add torrent dialog doesn't show up. If utorrent is already opened then it works just fine. It just happens when it is closed and is initiated by the open .torrent file event woofy1231: Ok, I searched a bit and didn't find it so I assumed that it wasn't reported
  10. hi! I don't know if this is a bug or a missing feature but when I open a .torrent file and utorrent hasn't started yet, it doesn't show the add torrent dialog :S It simply opens the utorrent like opening a shortcut to it. To actually add the new torrent I must open the .torrent file twice :S With the previous versions it always showed the add torrent dialog automatically... Am I missing something? thanks in advance
  11. I'm also having problems with the upload speed... It's funny that after 2-3 minutes it starts respecting the upload limit... It's wierd